14 Dec 2019

FESPA Worldwide Survey 3: Digital Opportunity is Driving Entrepreneurial Optimism

Fespa Survey

Opportunities arising from the shift to digital production are keeping printers optimistic for the future of their individual businesses despite the downturn, according to FESPA’s third Worldwide Survey, the results of which are published today.

On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is ‘very optimistic’, the mean for respondents’ individual businesses was 7.6, compared with 6.9 for the wide format industry as a whole. This is consistent with the equivalent survey results in 2007 and 2009.

Worldwide Survey 3 underlines clearly how client demands for shorter turnaround, just-in-time delivery and shorter runs are driving wide format printers towards digital technology. Close to 70% of respondents are seeing these trends increasing. The greatest pressure appears to be on faster turnaround, with 81.5% stating that this is a growing requirement from clients.

Versioning and/or personalisation, online ordering and integration with other marketing collateral (such as direct mail) are also client priorities, with around half of printers reporting a trend in demand for these capabilities.

Conducted in partnership with InfoTrends, the latest FESPA Worldwide Survey involved the largest research sample to date, attracting online responses from dozens of countries in Europe, Asia and North and Latin-America in February and March 2010.

All of the 582 respondents affirmed that the percentage of their revenue coming from digital projects will increase in the next two years, rising to close to 50% of income for businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

This expected revenue growth is stimulating robust demand for new equipment, with 37.4% of respondents planning to purchase a new wide format printer in the next 12 months, and a further 33.8% still undecided about such a purchase. More than half of respondents expect their spend on digital wide format media and consumables to increase in the next 12 months.

Print service providers are seizing positive opportunities to grow and diversify using digital, with 78% of survey respondents expanding the range of applications they produce. 68% of respondents have looked at new market opportunities or developed innovative processes or products to tackle the impact of the economic downturn. Nearly a quarter of respondents see the future success of wide format print service providers as being able to deliver marketing solutions for the client.

FESPA Sales & Marketing Director Marcus Timson comments: “With just three months to go until FESPA 2010 opens its doors in Munich, this latest FESPA survey profiles a global community of print service providers that has remained resilient and adaptable in the face of significant economic challenges. Our recent series of FESPA Economy Surveys has highlighted the dramatic commercial impact of the 2008/9 downturn on wide format printers. However, wide format printers remain optimistic, alert to opportunities and focused on pursuing new applications or niche markets to generate growth for their businesses. The dynamics between clients and print service providers are clearly changing, but the most successful printers are adapting resourcefully, embracing digital technology and blending it creatively with other processes and value-added services to deliver the right solutions to clients’ challenges.”

Banners, posters, signs and POS/POP continue to be the leading applications for most respondents, with demand remaining stable across these product categories despite the economic downturn. A notable decrease was in backlit displays, with the percentage of respondents regularly producing these falling from 46.2% in 2009 to 26.4% in 2010. Increased demand was reported for billboards, photographic applications, decals and presentation graphics. Growth is also evident in emerging application areas such as textile, interiors, flooring and fine art.

Thinking ahead to their next print engine, almost a quarter of respondents are most likely to purchase a UV-curable inkjet device, though interest in technologies such as eco-solvent and latex inkjet is beginning to overtake that for more established solutions such as aqueous and solvent inkjet. Technology choice still seems to be a source of confusion for many printers, with almost 16% of respondents undecided on their next purchase.

The survey shows a converging community of businesses servicing their clients with wide format printed products. 22% of respondents state that the term ‘digital printing specialist’ best describes their business, followed by 12% who define themselves as ‘screen printers’ and a further 12% preferring the more generic ‘commercial printer’. The remaining 54% of respondents also included graphic designers and advertising agencies, ‘quick printers’ and corporate reprographic departments, photo labs and reprographic businesses, exhibition builders and sign shops.

The full FESPA Worldwide Survey 3 is available free of charge to members of a FESPA member association, or at a charge of Euros 2000 to non members. Enquiries should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . An executive summary of the Survey is available at http://www.fespa.com/fespas-world-wide-survey-3.html

EFI to Feature Next-Generation Superwide and Wide-Format UV Printers at ISA International Sign Expo


EFI™ today announced that it will be displaying a comprehensive portfolio of digital UV printing products - including the VUTEk® GS3200 with a new MediaMaster automatic media handling system, the GS5000r and the new high-productivity QS3250r UV roll-to-roll superwide printers, the new, versatile Rastek™ T1000 and the H650 wide-format UV printers, and the Jetrion™ 4830 digital label press - in booth #2420 at the ISA International Sign Expo, April 8-10, 2010 in Orlando.

"We are proud of the complete UV product portfolio that we have developed, and the ISA Expo will be a perfect audience to show our capabilities," said EFI president Fred Rosenzweig. "All of our products, from UV digital inkjet printers to optimised workflow solutions, are designed to help our customer base reach new levels of competitiveness, profitability and growth. For the first time, we are featuring the Jetrion 4830 digital label press at ISA due to past requests to see digital label printers at this show. We'll also demonstrate industry-leading digital workflow management from creation to print with EFI Digital StoreFront®, EFI PrintSmith™, EFI Pace™, XFlow and Fiery® XF."

Proven Quality and Greater Productivity Return with EFI's VUTEk GS3200 and GS5000r

With over 70 units installed already, the VUTEk GS3200 flatbed and roll-to-roll hybrid UV printer from EFI delivers revolutionary photorealistic quality and superwide speed, and delivers innovative applications that expand the reach of superwide into new industries.

"With EFI's VUTEk GS3200 we were able to match the colours across various substrates and come in at a substantially lower price-point than screen printing, which carries much higher make-ready costs," said Ford Bowers, general manager of Miller Zell retail design company.  "Additionally, the speed of the VUTEk is such that we can produce high-quality digital prints faster and less expensively than we could previously."

The VUTEk GS5000r offers unparalleled quality and roll-to-roll speed that redefines productivity and allows EFI's customers to tap into premium-margin markets that demand point-of-purchase (POP) quality graphics. Its unmatched, quick-turn capability reduces inventory, increases customer satisfaction by eliminating lengthy lead times, and accommodates last-minute changes.

"Our customers are demanding higher quality, regardless of application requirements or viewing distance, and faster turnaround times. With our new VUTEk GS5000r, we can now deliver both. Its UV capability gives us a huge competitive advantage in quality and productivity, and we're winning more jobs because of it," said Eli Luria, president of Grand Image, Inc. "Additional capabilities like double-sided printing, coupled with the printer's high-production speeds, allows us to offer premium-margin applications, reduce labour costs, and be more profitable."

Analogue to Digital Transition with the VUTEk MediaMaster from EFI

The GS3200 will be featured with EFI's VUTEk MediaMaster, a fully-automated material handling system that will drive the digital economics of superwide even further for greater profitability. Equipped to handle full-size 1.6 x 3.2 metre boards and also master multiple smaller boards across the width of the printer with precision, the material handling system's hands-free productivity optimises production time.

The MediaMaster system also lowers overhead costs by allowing one operator to efficiently run two VUTEk printers simultaneously, or focus on the output capabilities of the printer without having to keep up with the faster printing modes of the GS3200. The easy cart system streamlines the print-to-finishing workflow, allowing the operator to wheel the printed product to a cut or shipping station. The material handling system enables customers to fully utilise the maximum speed of the GS3200, and will help drive the analogue to digital transition in the screen print market where productivity is crucial.

New VUTEk QS3250r from EFI Makes ISA Debut

The VUTEk QS3250r from EFI is the second-generation roll-to-roll UV-curing superwide printer, combining High-Definition Print (HDP) capability and high production speeds in a single UV roll-to-roll device. It is the ideal printer for sign shops and commercial printers looking to upgrade to UV output with enhanced productivity, quality and versatility.

EFI's Rastek Printers Display Best-In-Class Quality and Price Performanc

EFI's new Rastek T1000 wide-format flatbed printer combines high-speed and high-definition for best-in-class image quality and price performance. It is capable of generating true gray scale graphics, sharp text and photographic image quality using CMYK UV-curable inks - plus white ink - at up to 27.8 square metres per hour. With a stationary vacuum table and retractable media registration pins, it has the versatility to handle a wide range of rigid media quickly and easily.

The Rastek H650 wide-format UV hybrid flatbed printer from EFI delivers best-in-class image quality at an affordable price. It is the perfect choice for production and print shop environments where quick service, superior image quality and smaller footprints are the keys to customer satisfaction and increasing profit. The printer expands businesses' portfolios and profits with its four colour and optional white ink support for spot colour and under and overprinting. The Rastek H650 can handle materials up to 165 cm wide and 4.5 cm thick

Jetrion 4830 Demonstrates Next-Generation Label Printing at EFI Exhibit

The new Jetrion 4830 UV Inkjet System from EFI promises wider web width and faster linear speeds to increase label printing throughput more than twofold over the company's market-leading Jetrion 4000. The Jetrion 4830 prints 21 cm wide, enabling two-up 10 cm labels. Its wider print zone lets label converters efficiently take on more print jobs. With its higher speed print mode of greater than 36.6 metres per minute, the system increases productivity significantly.

"As the leading provider of UV inkjet label solutions worldwide, we have acquired a great deal of experience in label printing," explains Ken Stack, general manager of EFI Jetrion. "We have listened to and learned from our customers. With the Jetrion 4830 we are adding the wider width and faster speeds the market has requested."

EFI Exhibit Also Highlights End-to-End Integrated Workflow Solutions

In addition to its phenomenal digital inkjet technology, EFI will be demonstrating integrated digital workflow solutions from job acquisition and management to preparation and production. Included in the workflows will be the award-winning EFI Digital StoreFront web-to-print solution, the integrated, browser-based EFI Pace Print MIS solution, the market-leading EFI PrintSmith management system, and the professional-level RIP, Fiery XF with the XFlow option for effectively managing different files and jobs

"We're looking forward to showing ISA Expo attendees that EFI technology can help their businesses run more efficiently and more profitably," said Rosenzweig. "From creation to print - EFI has the digital print solutions for business success."

For more information about EFI solutions, including VUTEk superwide printers, Rastek wide-format printers, Jetrion label presses and EFI Web-to-Print, RIP or Print MIS solutions, visit www.efi.com

FESPA Announces Planned Launch of FESPA Americas 24-26 February 2011 Alongside Graphics of the Americas Show

Fespa Americas

FESPA expects to run the first FESPA Americas in Orlando, Florida, from 24-26 February 2011, alongside Graphics of the Americas, pending final confirmation of an agreement with the Printing Association of Florida.

The first FESPA exhibition on US soil is designed to provide visitors from the US and Central and South America with a pan-regional, high quality event that will showcase the world’s leading manufacturers and inspire the regions screen, digital and textile printers.

“In response to strong demand, FESPA Americas, taking place alongside the Graphics of the Americas show at the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center, will provide exhibitors with a new opportunity to reach an audience of printers with a pan-regional perspective. Visitors from the US, Central and South America will take part in a unique educational programme and visit a world class exhibition, something that FESPA has become renowned for”, says FESPA Managing Director Frazer Chesterman.

This innovative new event will complement the Graphics of Americas show and will give visitors an even more compelling reason to make the trip to Orlando in February. Building on the continued success of FESPA Mexico, FESPA Americas aims to unite all of the region’s printers in digital and screen printing and garment decoration, to attend one comprehensive exhibition for wide format that will sit alongside Graphics of the Americas, which is focused on commercial print.

Chesterman continues: “We believe that by collaborating with like-minded organisations such as the Printing Association of Florida, we are able to produce an event with scale and integrity that provides enhanced value for visitors and exhibitors alike.”

The announcement regarding Fespa of the Americas was made at the FESPA Global Summit, which took place in Miami from 25-26 March 2010. This event attracted 80 leading print organisations from US, Canada, Central and South America as well as Europe, along with other delegates from as far away as New Zealand and Hong Kong.

The success of the FESPA Global Summit in Miami further emphasises FESPA’s track record for running top level events, noted for high quality, value and insight. Fantastic feedback from delegates to this event further reinforces the demand for FESPA events in this region.

Successful First FESPA Global Summit Connects Transatlantic Print Innovators

Fespa Global Summit

The first FESPA Global Summit - which took place from 25-26 March 2010 in Miami, Florida, USA - called for stronger business leadership and a strategic commitment to innovation for print service providers to grow again out of the downturn.

The event was designed to provide attendees with an open environment in which to tackle the challenges affecting the wide format printing industry, consistent with FESPA’s commitment to sharing examples of best practice across the global wide format printing community.

It was the first such forum to connect so many leading innovators from Europe and the United States & Canada. Over 100 delegates, sponsors and speakers from across the US, Canada, Central and South America were in Miami to share ideas, knowledge and insight with some of Europe’s foremost wide format entrepreneurs.

The FESPA Global Summit programme featured inspiring speakers from trend-spotting, marketing and creative agencies, mixed with leading print innovators from Europe and the US. In addition to the plenary sessions, Summit attendees participated in group discussions to assess the opportunities and threats confronting the modern print business as it recovers.

“This event was designed to support and motivate business leaders in our sector, at a time when FESPA felt the need to create a unique transatlantic connection in the wide format community”, says Frazer Chesterman, Managing Director, FESPA. “The Summit has given us fascinating insights into the challenges our market is facing. The valuable information exchange facilitated by this gathering offers us the opportunity to summarise clearly the global trends that our market now confronts. From there, FESPA can provide clear direction as to how business leaders can innovate to enhance their success in the recovery.”

Delegates responded enthusiastically to the conference programme and open discussion forums, describing the event in glowing terms: “Inspirational”; “Informative”; “Visionary”; “Awesome view of the future”; “Wow!”; “Energising”; “Very thought provoking”; “Very impressive”; “Actionable information”.

VP of Corporate Marketing at EFI, Frank Tueckmantel comments: "EFI was thrilled to be part of the inaugural FESPA Global Summit in Miami. As a European working and living in the US, I was honoured to be part of this exciting multinational meeting of graphic communications leaders. The event provided an excellent venue with engaging speakers and relevant, thought-provoking topics. As an event sponsor, EFI truly benefited from the valuable innovative strategies, collective intellect and customer partnerships. We are looking forward to the next event and hope this will become an annual tradition."

FESPA Sales & Marketing Director Marcus Timson concludes: “Print still has a strong place in the communication mix, but the Summit emphasised that traditional market structures have altered forever, and emerging techniques and trends are forcing a change in how we deliver print. Print service providers need to properly understand these forces for change in order to continue to provide value for their customers.”

A collaborative white paper entitled ‘Innovation - the Way Forward’ is currently being produced based on insight gained at the summit. This white paper will be available for the whole community.

Printers worldwide who are looking to interpret trends and apply innovation in their business can pre-register now for FESPA 2010 (22-26 June 2010, Messe Munich, Germany), and participate in the comprehensive FESPA Innovate! Programme of educational and knowledge-sharing sessions. For more information, visit www.fespa2010.com

Durst to Showcase Rho 500R and Rho 800HS at ISA 2010

Durst Rho 500r

Attendees at this year's International Sign Expo, April 7-10 in Orlando, will find on display two production UV inkjet digital print platforms from Durst – the 5-meter Rho 500R for roll printing, and the 98-inch Rho 800HS mainly for rigid substrate printing – both of which are well suited to the evolving market that sign shop operators are facing.

These two printers will be fully operational throughout the exhibit, which is taking place in Hall A of the Orange County Convention Center, in Durst booth #2548. Visitors will be able to evaluate their operating performance, as well as their versatility in executing an extremely broad range of display and signage applications, the company said.

"With the technology taking signage and commercial display into so many new areas, our Rho 500R and Rho 800HS can be an excellent fit for innovative sign vendors who want to go where the market is heading, and are always looking to improve their offerings and their performance," said Christopher Howard, senior vice president of sales & marketing for Durst US. "Whatever the application, whatever the media, whatever the turnaround time – these Rho printers deliver outstanding results. We're very pleased to be able to bring them to this year's Sign Expo."

The Rho 500R – selected as the Digital Printing & Imaging Association's Product of the Year in the grand-format roll-to-roll UV-cured ink printer category – can print three different images on three separate media rolls simultaneously across its 5-meter width. It prints six-colour, 600-dpi images on just about any roll media at speeds up to 400 sq.m/hr. The Rho 500R operates unattended, uses less ink than comparable superwide platforms, and minimizes operation costs due to its high productivity, advanced workflow and versatility.

A precise rail with linear motor drive system, a proven front-to-back registration system, along with a mesh and textile printing option, combine to make the Rho 500R one of the most effective, economical large-format imagers ever developed. It employs Durst's Quadro 30D Array print head technology, which doubles the number of nozzles per color to 2,048. Along with ink temperature regulation and Durst's proprietary Point Drop Setting system to deliver the highest image quality at the highest speed, print output capabilities are raised by about 80 percent.

The Rho 800HS employs Durst's Quadro 30D Array print head technology, and utilizes the same continuous board printing system found in the Rho 800 Presto. The Rho 800HS can print on multiple narrow boards across its 98-inch width, on materials up to 2.75 inches thick, at a top speed of more than 185 sq.m/hr. In its two-pass mode, it delivers exceptional image quality at nearly 110 sq.m/hr.

The Rho 800HS also is compatible with Durst's roll feed/take-up accessory, designed for long runs and fast media changes. It handles oversized rolls up to 440 pounds (200kg), diameters up to 12 inches (30cm), and widths up to 98 inches (249cm).


FESPA Sets Out Eight Steps To Innovation For Visitors To FESPA 2010

Fespa Innovate

FESPA is setting out its ‘Eight Steps to Innovation’, encouraging wide format entrepreneurs to embrace innovation more actively as part of their strategy for future growth.

1. Prepare for Innovation

Gain a thorough understanding of the prevailing external conditions and the likely forecast for your market. When you’re fully aware of the facts, you can choose the direction and type of innovation you want to create.

2. Be creative

Innovation does not exist unless there is creativity first. Innovation is invariably a result of a team effort. No innovator charges into the surf without engaging in dialogue, debate and discussion with the right mix of thinkers.

3. Consider your customer

Being customer-centric is an essential characteristic of the successful innovator. Fully understand their needs, goals and visions. This will help you to get the concept right and the delivery perfect.

4. Make the Effort

Innovation isn’t easy. It takes time, energy and effort, and you must be flexible and challenge the ‘norm’. That ‘eureka moment’ will only come after much time, effort and energy have been expended.

5. Take the Risk

Overcome your fear and accept that innovation is a combination of creativity and risk. If it doesn’t work first time, respect yourself for taking the risk.

6. Leadership

To catch the new wave that hasn’t been caught before, innovation needs strong leadership for your team and for your customers. So invest in yourself to ensure your leadership skills, attitude and belief are strong enough.

7. Accept Feedback

Innovation always needs time to settle. Your ‘beta’ customers must accept improvement over time. The clever innovator will have a very strong relationship with their customers and will get the necessary feedback for success.

8. Communication is everything

Innovation is inspirational, but not if nobody is aware of the innovation! If you’re using innovation to differentiate your business, improve efficiency or profit, make sure you communicate proactively to all your stakeholders.


The Eight Steps to Innovation are reproduced in a surf-themed pocket guide for visitors to the FESPA 2010 show (Munich, 26 June 2010), which also includes details of the comprehensive FESPA Innovate! event programme. The steps will also form the basis of a live Innovate! Workshop, hosted on site at the show by FESPA Managing Director Frazer Chesterman and Sales & Marketing Director Marcus Timson.

“The Eight Steps to Innovation is a compact way of making a serious point”, explains Marcus Timson. “Innovation can be intimidating for entrepreneurs, especially when they are steering their businesses out of an economic downturn, with the inevitable focus on efficiency and cost- and cash- management that brings.

He continues, “Innovation is all too often misinterpreted as ‘invention’, making people think that they have to do something revolutionary. That’s far from the truth: often innovation is just about looking at things from a different angle, or harnessing your company’s skills, contacts and resources in different ways. Our clear focus at FESPA 2010 is on helping print service providers to develop the mindset of the innovator, which we firmly believe is one of the keys to the FESPA community’s success.”

To download a copy of the FESPA Innovate! Guide, or find more details of the FESPA Innovate! programme, surf to www.fespa2010.com. To be part of FESPA’s Innovators forum, join FESPA’s Wide Network at www.widenetwork.ning