08 Dec 2021

Favini boosts social media presence

Favini blog LFR

Favini, a global leader in innovative graphic specialties made out of natural raw materials (cellulose, algae, fruit, nuts, etc.), has launched  Facebook and Instagram profiles and enriched its website with a new Blog section (http://www.favini.com/en/news/), keeping its partners constantly updated on the latest news across the sector.

The Blog section found in both the Italian and English sites is entirely edited by Favini’s experts; publishing interesting and engaging articles, giving information on workshops, awards and cultural events of significant interest. It also showcases all manner of creative applications of Favini products.

The Blog will also present previously unpublished interviews with sector experts, such as Brian Grimwood, the internationally renowned illustrator, whose post gives insight to his experiences and revealed interesting work stories. The full version of this exclusive interview is available on http://www.favini.com/en/news/getting-creative-with-illustrations-in-design/

The Blog contents will also be posted on the social pages. In addition to the Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts, Favini has recently activated Facebook and Instagram profiles, to allow the company to maintain a quick, informal and daily channel of communication with its partners, who can receive inspiration and active support to help them realise of any type of project.

"It is essential for us to be on-line, with a cutting-edge site, a constant presence on the major social networks with a section dedicated to the latest news. In a constantly evolving market such as ours, it is critical to offer to our users’ different channels to gain of all the information that they need. This is why we decided to launch our Facebook and Instagram pages, supporting existing social activity on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn, to share information in real time,” said Eugenio Eger, CEO Favini.