24 Jan 2022

Hollanders amends service policy for ColorBooster 230 printers

Hollanders Colorbooster 230

With the growth in popularity for its newer wide-format digital textile printers and the benefits now incorporated from using the latest print-heads and engineering, Hollanders Printing Systems is now ceasing to supply standard service contracts on its original ColorBooster 230 machines. Instead it will be offering its existing customers ad hoc maintenance options as well as emphasising an attractive upgrade path to either the 2.5m ColorBooster 250 or the 3.2m ColorBooster XL platform.

Introduced in 2004, the ColorBooster 230 was the first commercial wide-format textile printer to be produced by Hollanders and its longevity and reliability have both proved to be powerful features of the machine. With several units that are more ten years old still in daily use, their ergonomic and rugged design and construction have made them powerful work-horses. As a result, they have long exceeded their expected life-cycles although it is anticipated that many will continue to be employed on a regular basis for many years to come.

“Technology has moved on since the introduction of the ColorBooster 230, with print-heads and inks becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the design and construction of printers being tailored to generate consistent, exacting results,” states Jacco Aartsen Tuijn, CEO of Hollanders Printing Systems. “Ten years is a long time in the digital printing industry and our original machines have certainly proved their worth in terms of production capabilities and output quality. But, in order to increase the value proposition for our customers, we are now offering them an attractive upgrade path to the new ColorBooster 250 which incorporates state-of-the-art components and engineering techniques.”

As well as the 2.5m upgrade option available to existing users of the original 2.3m printer, there are the ColorBooster 250 Carpet Edition and the 3.2m ColorBooster XL printer, both of which extend the production opportunities available. Hollanders also offers the ColorBooster DS-320s, a double-sided system that includes two print engines and an inline fixation unit to simplify the complete production cycle on both sides of the material simultaneously.

Users wanting to retain their existing ColorBooster 230 printers can discuss their future flexible maintenance options with Hollanders Printing Systems. The company, which also supplies the ColorWash and ColorFix finishing systems, will also assist customers making the transition to a newer printer model to ensure seamless changeover.