22 Jan 2022

Iguana Creative expands with Colourbyte RIP Solutions and an Epson SC-S80600

The latest investment is in an Epson SC-S80600, 64-inch solvent printer.

Large-format print has been an area of growth for some time now, to the point where some companies have been able to make this sort of work a key part of their business.


One such company is Hemel Hempstead-based Iguana Creative, which began life in 1996 as a creative agency before going on to expand into large-format print. Over the past 20 years, the firm has built up an extensive knowledge base around large-format, covering areas such as point-of-sale, exhibition and display.


A key part of its growth strategy has been down to an ongoing relationship with Colourbyte, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of large-format and RIP solutions that is also based in Hemel Hempstead. The two companies have been working together for over 12 years, with Iguana Creative regularly returning to Colourbyte for new print solutions.

The most recent investment came in the form of an Epson SC-S80600, a 64-inch solvent printer that features the latest generation PrecisionCore TFP printheads and UltraChrome GS3 red ink set. The machine has a top resolution of 1440dpi x 1440dpi and can print at speeds of 95.1sq m/hr in single-pass banner mode, and 12.5sq m/hr in eight-pass film mode.


David Morley, director at Iguana Creative, said the Epson SC-S80600 has allowed the company to take on new work and expand its own business as a result.

“By working with Colourbyte for many years we have learned to listen, especially to their engineers,” Morley said. “The rave reviews coming out about this printer made us prick up our ears and talking it through with them and the scenario we were taking on made it a no-brainer.

“The Epson SC-S80600 paid for itself in just three or four months. We picked up a new very demanding contract and the SC-S80600 enabled us to fulfil it.

“We have to respect our clients’ demands, so by offering the best quality at an economical price, we know what we offer will work. We respect our clients’ wishes for the best, so we offer them the best – it’s that simple.”


Morley also spoke about Iguana Creative’s ongoing partnership with Colourbyte and explained the value of having a close, working relationship with a specialist supplier of large-format print solutions.

“We knew the support from Colourbyte for the SC-S80600 would be fantastic,” Morley said. “The great thing about working with Colourbyte is that they are not only able to provide the machine, but also a vast range of colour profiled substrates to print on. We can always rely on them.

“It’s about making the process as simple as possible. Time is the resource we treasure the most, so anything that makes the process quicker and easier works for us.”


“We know Colourbyte pretty much from their humble beginnings,” Morley added. “We witnessed the years of product research and development of supply lines that have put them in such good stead today and we have the utmost respect for them as our media supplier.

“They offer sound advice and cost-effective solutions from friendly, experienced staff. Having a supplier like them onside makes our job much easier in ensuring our clients get increasingly flexible solutions.”