24 Oct 2021

Interstate Architects boosts productivity by 30% with Contex-scanned archive

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Contex has announced that Nigeria-based Interstate Architects has boosted workflow productivity by 30% since installing a Contex wide format scanner. The Contex scanner was recommended by systems integrator Computer Designs Systems Services (Nig.) Ltd, for the archival of six decades of clients’ blueprints and photographic records, which began to show signs of deterioration. Limited storage space and challenges locating these documents also played a role in the decision-making. The Contex-scanned archive was completed in six months, and staffers are now integrating the high quality images into their AutoCAD workflow in a matter of minutes versus days.

“Choosing a Contex scanner was one of the smartest business decisions we’ve made,” comments Olusegun P.A. Ladega, Managing Director, Interstate Architects Ltd. “Holding a large archive of hard copy documents had always been a concern, not just because it required extensive training for new staffers to navigate the archives. The bigger concern was the safety and durability of the documents. Now, the digital archives are easy to explore using searches of multiple criteria, such as building type, client name, year, etc.”

"Contex is committed to providing high-productivity scanning solutions that help companies like Interstate Architects to improve workflow efficiency. A Contex scanner, like our newest ScanStation solution, makes it possible for firms of all sizes to save both time and money,” comments Vincent Lucas, Area Manager West Europe & Africa, Contex A/S. “Architects can start projects faster when they have quick access to clients’ original designs in digital format."

With a Contex-scanned archive, clients’ existing blueprints can be easily located and integrated into the firm’s AutoCAD workflow for new projects. For example, when a client requests changes to an existing infrastructure, Interstate Architect staffers simply access the scanned blueprint from the server. With a few clicks of the mouse, they can integrate the old drawing into AutoCAD for modifications and email the updated designs to the client. The Contex-scanned archive assures architects that the blueprints are crisp and precise, showing the details required.

The Contex scanning project has exceeded Interstate Architects goals, solving the company’s productivity challenges, as well as safeguarding its clients’ assets, while freeing up valuable office space.

For more information, please visit www.contex.com