24 Jan 2022

ITL updates its corporate branding and launches new website

ITL logo

After 12 months of product enhancement and development, UV curing solutions specialist Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) says it's boosting its marketing investment for 2015 commencing with the launch of new corporate branding and a revised informational site at www.uvintegration.com

“This new site communicates our technologies and their capabilities quickly and simply to a broader range of users, complements our social media offers, and better enables the exchange of information between visitors and ourselves,” says ITL marketing manager Staci Reeson.  “The new site matches off-the-shelf products to user needs as well as fast-tracking enquirers to a bespoke service which has helped us stand out from the crowd.” 

A revised corporate logo incorporates a trading name re-brand that emphasises the company’s long time usage of the term ‘UV Integration’ accompanied by the positioning statement: “Whatever Your Application – We Have The Cure!”

“It’s long been our web site domain name since the business was founded and is now perceived by the industry and customers alike as uniquely our own, so it made sense to formalise it as part of the re-brand,” continues Reeson.  “The positioning statement light-heartedly makes clear our willingness and capability to meet need from any market quarter. If at first glance you cannot find what you need it is always worthwhile contacting our team.”

An employee since 2004, Staci Reeson has also recently been promoted to ITL’s senior management team. 

“We have all been working over recent months on strategies to grow the ITL business in the coming years and the marketing function is inevitably a key aspect in moving these plans forward,” she says. The new brand will be rolled out globally over the coming weeks and we hope that the user experience will be appropriately enhanced.”