23 Oct 2021

Josero to distribute COMAGRAV DIGI cutting tables in the UK and Ireland


Printing equipment specialist Josero, has confirmed an exclusive dealership with Prague based COMAGRAV for the distribution of its COMAGRAV DIGI cutting table in the UK and Ireland.
The COMAGRAV DIGI is COMAGRAV’s leading industrial flatbed large format digital cutter, designed for cutting corrugated cardboard, high density foam, aluminium panels, acrylic and an array of other materials.

The DIGI is suitable for a variety of industrial applications such as signmaking, advertising, interior design, POP and POS, packaging, leather working and much more.

Rudolf Hladik from COMAGRAV comments: “COMAGRAV is a major European producer of CNC machines for the plastic and wood industry, signmakers and digital printers, metal fabrication, the foam industry and many others. Last June we launched the DIGI and it has proved exceptionally popular with several cutting tables sold across Europe already. We were keen to expand into the UK and having met Loic Delor from Josero and evaluated the company’s impressive product range and professional standing within the printing sector, we were convinced that they were the right company to partner with to drive our business forward in the UK."

An extremely powerful and fast piece of equipment, the DIGI has a number of key features that make it a very strong contender in the market:

•    It has a range of tools available such as an oscillating knife, tangential module, v-cut, kiss cut, rotary cut, etc.
•    A camera recognition system which comes as standard.
•    COMAGRAV are using their extensive experience in CNC machinery to offer a 2kw spindle 60,000 rpm option.
•    The DIGI also does away with belt driving and offers a crank system as standard, making the machine far more reliable and precise.
•    It is available with or without a conveyor system.
•    The multi head allows the use of the cutting and creasing tool with no interruption.

Loic Delor, Managing Director of Josero says: “We’re thrilled to add the COMAGRAV DIGI to our product offering. We have a variety of high quality finishing equipment in our portfolio but were lacking a flatbed cutter. We reviewed a large number of possibilities but the DIGI was far superior compared to other products we considered. We’re launching it at Sign UK (Stand F40) in April, where visitors will be able to see the cutter in action for themselves. We’re convinced they’ll be as impressed as we are.”