RadTech publishes ITL UV LED Trilog

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The most comprehensive introductory narrative available on the science and engineering behind UV LEDs has been completed with RadTech’s publication of “Part 3: Diode Manufacturing and Evolution”.

Researched and penned by Jennifer Heathcote, General Manager, North America for UV LED pioneer Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) , the article is the third installment in a three part series designed to consolidate key principles and technical information regarding the science and engineering behind UV LEDs.

This article completes the already-published “Part I: Operation and Measurement” and “Part II: Curing Systems” and acts as foretaste of a more comprehensive 12-chapter book co-authored by Jennifer Heathcote and Paul Mills planned for publication later in the year.

The three articles can be accessed at http://www.uvintegration.com/downloads/

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