SGIA's Sustainability Programme to highlight innovative imagers

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SGIA's Sustainability Recognition Programme, which recognises specialty imagers as they take steps toward developing a sustainable business ethic to meet customer demand, is now accepting applications for 2012. SGIA members are encouraged to apply now before the February 24 deadline.

All programme applicants are eligible for the Award, which is determined based on the submission of the facility's sustainability policy and programme information.

In today's global marketplace, specialty imagers must find new and innovative ways to improve their competitiveness. According to the 2011 SGIA Market Trends and Product Specialties Report - available soon for download - 25.4 percent of imagers are making profitable use out of, and actively marketing, their sustainability efforts, up from 22.4 percent in 2010. SGIA's Sustainability Recognition Programme provides member companies with marketing and promotion to help them stay competitive.

SGIA members may submit applications up to and including 24th February, 2012.  For more information, please visit