Whitepaper from Mutoh provides better insight into ‘green’ issues

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Wide format inkjet printer and cutting plotter manufacturer Mutoh Belgium nv released a white paper, called “How Green is Green?”, providing print providers and printer users a better insight into ‘green’ issues specifically related to wide format digital printing.

Although most companies are now increasingly preoccupied with green issues and many are setting ambitious targets to reduce their overall carbon footprint, they are also beginning to realise that the whole topic of practical sustainability is a lot more complex than it initially seems.

At the same time, existing and potential wide-format digital printer users are confronted with an increasing number of “greenwashing” practices.  These practices are rather misleading and/or scaring off (potential) users from digital technologies, whilst in reality, the digital printing technology is much greener versus conventional printing technologies.

In acknowledgement of this, Mutoh Belgium has produced a white paper that explores all of the various options available.  The document provides print providers and end-users accurate, neutral and straightforward information on ‘green’ issues and includes a correlation between ‘green’ demands, performance & application targets and, last but not least, return on investment.

Mutoh’s white paper “How Green is Green?” gives an insight on:

  • the printing processes and going greener
  • the environmental impact of an inkjet ink & media
  • key goals in going greener
  • key attention points for evaluating wide format printing equipment

The white paper can be downloaded free of charge from Mutoh’s member site at www.mutoh.eu.