24 Oct 2021

Mimaki USA expands the capabilities of the UCJV300 Series

LUS-170 clear ink and Mimaki Clear Control are now available on the print-and-cut devices.

Mimaki USA, a global industry leader of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, today announced the availability of LUS-170 clear ink and Mimaki Clear Control on the UCJV300 Series.

Mimaki Clear Control prevents the graphic from being disrupted by contaminants in the uncured ink. This core technology shortens the ink-curing time by processing the clear ink and UV-light radiation simultaneously. It also enables customers to add either a glossy or matte finish to the printed application.

Bundled with the UCJV300 Series devices, RasterLink6 Plus customers will now have the ARTISTA UV Texture Library, offering 129 swatches accessible through Adobe Illustrator. This library has an array of textures that can be used with LUS-170 clear ink to achieve different visual effects, including basic, artistic and modern patterns.

LUS-170 clear ink is available for order now.