08 Dec 2021

New Digital Textile Distribution Organization announced for North and South America

Digital textile LFR

With the burgeoning digital textile market exploding in the Americas, the new Digital Textile Group, to be known as DTX Group, was formally launched July 1, 2016. Following a successful meeting in Denver, Colorado, of prominent dye sub and direct-to-fabric product providers from both North and South America, the group was formed to provide seamless distribution and support of market leading digital textile products into these territories.

The goal will be to provide complete turnkey distribution with a focus on consultative sales and support of users in the direct-to-textile market segment. The first manufacturer to work with the DTX Group will be Impressions Technology, Sydney, Australia, whose GoTx Digital Textile line will be distributed in the Americas by the organisation.

According to Steve Richardson, Managing Director of Impression Technology: “We encouraged the creation of this group to enhance the offering of our product line by channel partners with locations initially just covering the US market. It turns out that our new channel partners in Latin America also wanted to participate, so we encouraged them to join as well.”

Richardson added, “It seems the other direct-to-fabric providers in the market operate from one location, and our objective is to provide better coverage and support for the products we offer by using multiple locations. This is a much better model for our customers.”

Dan Barefoot, President of Graphics One spoke on behalf of the DTX Group and its partners: “We have the finest partners in this business working with us including Advanced Print & Finishing Technologies, Digital 2 You, Digitally Driven, Digital Print Solutions, Graphics One, JVH Technical, Lee’s Screen Process Supply Inc. and several others for the US and Canada markets. In Latin America we have agreements with MTM Soluciones in Mexico, Sign Supply in Colombia and in several weeks after finalising agreements will announce new partners in Argentina, Brazil, Central America, Ecuador and Peru. There is no doubt this will be the strongest channel for direct-to-fabric products in our industry and we are really excited about the opportunities for providing a far better solution to users in the

The group’s formal website will launch in several weeks and will be located at www.digitaltextilegroup.com.