22 Jan 2022

New members drive growth and sustainability plans at FESPA UK

New members drive growth and sustainability plans at FESPA UK.

FESPA UK has seen a surge in new members and partners this summer, following its relaunch in June. The association now offers a simplified membership to print and installation companies and a partner package for suppliers to the industry.

Recent new additions to the network include Novum Graphics, Stylo, Macroart, Super-Wide Digital and Spirit Displays, as well as partners Durst, Innovia, Josero, One Vision Software, and environmental specialists Prismm and CarbonQuota.

Suzi Wilkinson, Director at FESPA UK said: “This is a really exciting time for us – it’s been just 90 days since our relaunch and we’re already seeing the power of a growing network.”

Investing in key areas for the industry’s future

FESPA UK is investing in three main areas where it aims to drive positive change – having identified sustainability and the environment, education and training, and technology and innovation as key challenges the industry faces as it moves in to recovery mode.

“We held a round table with 12 printers in June as our first face-to-face event since our relaunch,” Suzi said. “In the meeting, it became clear that everyone’s focus is leaning towards improving sustainability right now, which matched with our ambition. It’s becoming an increasing concern for image and reputation-conscious clients, and it’s also individually important to leaders within our industry."

Dan Tyler, CEO at industry software specialist Vism, recently joined the FESPA UK board with a remit to drive growth in membership. and develop commercial relationships with partners.

He commented, “It’s an honour to have been asked to join the board, and to be working alongside such a committed and experienced team. We’re already moving swiftly forward with programmes to support better waste management and recycling at product end of life, alongside education and support on a range of topics including choice of materials and inks, which can make a huge difference in themselves.”

A series of discussion videos led by FESPA UK, articles and ‘live sessions’ with partners including HP and RA Smart are now available in a dedicated sustainability area of on the FESPA UK website.

The association has also launched a pilot project on materials choice and waste management, involving several leading printers and supported by Prismm and Antalis.

Developing industry best practice

Michael Green, Managing Director at MacroArt, said: ”I decided to join FESPA UK after taking part in its recent round table event. I found the event interesting and relevant, and I want MacroArt to be represented in the group that’s looking at developing industry best practice around issues such as sustainability. It’s important to have a seat at the table if you’re involved in the industry and FESPA UK offers a good forum to exchange ideas and best practice.”

Dan added: “FESPA UK’s effective and swift response to discussions at the round table is a reflection of our aim to make a positive difference, driving forward with purpose to deliver on specific goals and meet challenges head-on. By listening and acting quickly, we can unleash the power of our network, and simply get things done.

“Every time someone joins, we become stronger and better positioned to share innovations and industry best practice. Together, we are better and I’m delighted that our work is really catching people’s attention.”

To find out more, go to www.fespauk.com.