23 Oct 2021

P-P-Perfect Packaging from Pixartprinting

Pixartprinting Packaging

Quality throughout the entire value chain is a must for Pixartprinting, the W2P specialist: from the e-shop interface to actual production, from customer service to the development of products in the R&D department, right down to shipment. Pixartprinting has now announced the launch of its new green packaging line: advanced technology, utmost reliability and care for the environment.

Covering an area of approximately 300sqm, the new packaging line allows more than 1,000 shipments to be managed daily. Equipped with monitoring sensors for the continuous production line, it includes six highly automated engineered modules that ensure top efficiency and optimise processes: here, high technical performance goes hand in hand with safety. Each order is packaged so as to ensure the best possible protection of its contents and includes 6-layer cardboard corner protectors, 5 to 34 cm reinforcement straps and a variable 3 to 10 cm backboard. The new line is also green at heart, as its packaging is eco responsive and stems from the selection of materials that can be easily separated for disposal. All of this is achieved without generating scrap, cutting waste and using metal-free cardboard protective layering sheets.

“We believe that to continue to improve it is essential to listen to the needs voiced by our customers: there are many on- and off-line channels that enable us to be constantly in contact with our clients” – states Andrea Pizzola, Pixartprinting’s Sales & Marketing Director – “The quality of the packaging used to deliver orders might appear to be a secondary issue, but it is essential for our users”. Its new packaging line enables Pixartprinting not only to provide a solution to ensure that the packaging preserves the quality of the printed material during transport, but also to simplify waste management operations. “Our new packaging is green at heart and enables the easy separation of the materials it is made of, so that users can easily recycle them in the right recycling skip” – adds Andrea Pizzola. This feature is yet another step in Pixartprinting’s endeavour to make its customers' lives even easier.