25 Oct 2021

QPS 'manages what seemed impossible' for Graphixsigns

Nazdar inks group shot LFR

Barrow-in-Furness sign company Graphixsigns has praised Quality Print Services Ltd (QPS) for helping it to continue production on a 'problematic' Grenadier wide-format printer.

Dave Frith, Director of Graphixsigns, got in touch with QPS's Managing Director Chris Bailey via email this month to say thank you 'for the excellent service received.' 

"It has been my pleasure to use QPS as sole supplier of inks and support for our wide-format printing operation for some time now," he wrote.

"I was in the unfortunate position of having purchased a Grenadier printer from another company that was problematic from the day of installation. I had various independent engineers look at the machine without any lasting success – that was until I came across QPS. Chris was most helpful and between himself and his engineer Paul managed what seemed the impossible and kept us productive on a machine previously destined for the scrap heap."

As time went on Graphixsigns – which counts blue chip companies including British Gas, Centrica, McDonald's and Tesco among its customers – opted to replace the printer with a new machine, powered by Nazdar digital inks.

"As with most technology parts for our Grenadier became unavailable so the decision was taken to purchase a new machine," continued Dave Frith in the email. "The decision on who to choose as the supplier of the new printer was easy. Chris understood our business and demonstrated the machine most suitable for us. Since the installation of the new machine there have been a couple of minor issues, but these have been resolved quickly and efficiently."

He concluded: "It is so pleasing to have a supplier that really looks after its customers. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of investing in a new machine or who is looking for someone capable of servicing existing equipment to definitely give Chris a call at QPS."

Chris Bailey, Managing Director of QPS, comments: "Unfortunately Graphixsigns suffered the effects of cheap, poor-quality inks and maintenance by third-party engineers treating the symptoms rather than the root cause. Over the years it must have cost the customer a small fortune.

"It's great to receive unsolicited praise like this but it's even more satisfying to prove that not all alternative inks are created equal: Nazdar digital inks are premium quality that, together with our technical support and range of wide-format printers, have saved many print companies across the UK significant amounts of money, time and frustration."

For more information about Nazdar inks or wide-format print service and support, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +44 (0)1704 897575.