Small format reseller enters wide format printing market with JETRIX


Citydocs Group, a specialist in document and workflow solutions, has partnered with JETRIX to launch Willow Graphics, a large format imaging company.

CityDocs, the authorised reseller and business partner for brands such as Canon, Ricoh and Sharp, was introduced to JETRIX by JETRIX's new channel partner, Perfect Colours. CityDocs chose JETRIX by InkTec as the sole supplier of UV-flatbed digital printers to Willow Graphics. InkTec is a world leader in InkJet printing technology.

Willow Graphics specialises in large format imaging using small format detailing for live events, experiential marketing, interiors, exteriors, property, retail, fine art, museums and the movie industry. With production facilities in London, Manchester and Leeds, it boasts of clients such as Marks and Spencer.

Peter Lawson, Managing Director of Willow Graphics explains: "We set up Willow Graphics to offer a range of high quality printing services. We can print to any scale from Lego bricks to heights of 100mm and in a single piece up to 3 metres x 2.5 metres. We therefore needed printing technology that could reliably produce high class prints with the upmost precision, and JETRIX KX7-D was the obvious choice. The JETRIX can print on to pretty much any material or surface; all in incredible detail."

The JETRIX award winning range of UV-flatbed digital printers are used for indoor, outdoor, fine art and industrial applications. They print directly on any substrate replacing the expense and time spent printing and sticking expensive materials and they use a special UV ink to produce a superior finish and to give strong adhesion to traditionally difficult to print substrates. The printer's advanced flat-bed printing platform with a strong vacuum and auto power adjustment system for stable printing means it can print in fine detail, with extreme accuracy even at speeds of up to 55 square metres per hour.

JETRIX partners with over 40 printers in the UK and has seen an 15% increase in turnover over the last 12 months thanks to a growing customer base and continuous product development.

"We're delighted to be the chosen partner of Willow Graphics," said Ben Woodruff, UK sales manager of InkTec Europe. "Willow Graphics works on very exciting, unique and innovative projects so to be their sole printing solutions provider is real testament to how versatile and advanced the JETRIX range is. We look forward to continuing to support Willow Graphics as the company grow."