22 Jan 2022

Swanline adds Esko Kongsberg C24 cutting table to boost productivity

Esko Swanline LFR

Swanline Paper & Board, the recently launched materials division of Swanline Print Ltd, is taking finishing productivity to completely new levels with a Kongsberg C24 cutting table from Esko, featuring multi-zone operation and robotic loading and unloading.

The investment will join an existing Kongsberg XP digital cutting table, enabling the company’s finishing operation to keep pace with two next-generation HP Scitex FB11000 Industrial Presses.

The combined solution will enhance Swanline’s ability to provide a total service – from design to delivery – or to dovetail with existing production capabilities to help customers address market demands and broaden revenue opportunities.

Ross Griffin, Managing Director of Swanline Paper & Board, explains: “We came across this exciting system at drupa. We were amazed by its versatility and precision in handling multiple files and its ability to quickly and efficiently cut any type of material.”

He continues: “Swanline is always at the forefront of new technology. We provide our customers with the best available on the market, which is without a doubt the most opportune way to look to the future. Our new Kongsberg C24 cutting table will fit right in with this philosophy.”

The new Esko Kongsberg C24 is equipped with multi-zone capability, meaning zones can be independently loaded with material. Whilst the material in one zone is being processed, the robotic loading and unloading system loads and prepares the other zone for finishing. In this way, operator idle time is drastically reduced and the cutting table operates virtually non-stop.

“We are convinced that the Kongsberg C24 cutting table, with multi-zone operation and robotic loading and unloading, is the right solution to keep up with our two HP Scitex FB11000 printing systems and their upcoming upgrades,” says Griffin. “We strongly believe that the partnership between Swanline and Esko will continue to deliver optimum integration between our print and finishing production, drastically increasing throughput.

Richard Towers, Managing Director of Swanline Print Limited, adds: “At a later stage we may also team our existing Kongsberg XP table with the new C24 table to accelerate cutting production, because the robot can be set up to serve two Kongsberg cutting tables simultaneously. This will offer us even more productivity.”

Working together, the tables will be able keep up with the existing print capacity, shorten production times and handle future HP Scitex equipment upgrades.

Paul Bromley, Sales Account Manager Sign & Display at Northern UK, says, “With a setup like this, Swanline stands to increase its throughput by up to 80%. Ensuring that the boards are meticulously placed on the table, intelligent camera technology guarantees 100% accuracy and repeatability. With a 2.9-metre reach, the robot is able to handle substrates from multiple pallets. Infrared laser scanner technology protects the operator and reduces the need for physical safety fences. All of these capabilities bring next-generation productivity to companies like Swanline.”