24 Oct 2021

Zünd wins Best Digital Cutting Systems prize at EDP Awards


Zünd is celebrating winning the Best Digital Cutting Systems Award at the EDP Awards, which took place during FESPA 2017 earlier this month.

The EDP Awards recognise outstanding systems in the printing sector, from finishing to consumables to software, and this year awarded 31 'Best Of' trophies from over 150 entries. The awards ceremony took place on May 10th in Hamburg, Germany during the FESPA 2017 printing trade fair (May 8th to 12th 2017).

The Zünd 3.6kW Routing System RM-L was honoured in the Finishing category in the eleventh edition of the EDP Awards, organised by the European Digital Press (EDP) Association.

The 3.6kW Router System RM-L, launched this year, is a powerful spindle featuring a pneumatic clamping system designed for use with Zünd G3 and D3 digital cutting tables. Delivering up to 3.6kW of power and 0.7 Nm torque, the system offers an unprecedented level of force and performance on a multifunctional flatbed cutter.

It is capable of routing materials at depths of up to 50mm and working with bits with shaft diameters of up to 10mm, to make routing on a wide range of materials, in a variety of manufacturing and design industries, fast, easy and safe. It also compensates precisely for different material thicknesses to simplify routing on uneven surfaces.

The award-winning router is compatible with Zünd's Automatic Router Bit Changer and a large number of Zünd router bits; like all Zünd hardware it has been developed to work holistically with other Zünd technology and can be retrofitted into a digital cutting table post-installation.

"The 3.6kW Router System RM-L is a fantastic module offering very fast speeds, high power and the peerless manufacturing quality always provided by Zünd," comments Stuart Cole, Managing Director, Zünd Plotting Systems (UK) Ltd.

"Visitors to the Zünd stand at FESPA 2017 were genuinely gobsmacked by its speed when running on 20mm MDF – and this has been reflected by the Best Digital Cutting Systems Award at the EDP Awards, so we're delighted to receive the trophy.

"The new router offers significant improvements in versatility and productivity and we're looking forward to seeing the impact it will have on our customers' businesses."

Zünd also offers a 1Kw router for less heavy-duty work, but thanks to the modular, flexible design of Zünd's systems, customers have the choice of upgrading to the 3.6Kw router if their requirements change.

Representatives from Zünd UK joined their counterparts from across Europe to form a multilingual team for the latest FESPA event. At the show, delegates were able to see high-volume vinyl sticker production on the double-beamed Zünd D3 digital cutter with a Board Handling System – designed to increase production by up to 100% – and the Zünd G3 3XL-3200 cutting system, equipped with the 3.6kW Router System RM-L and more technology for the processing of textiles.

Also on show were new products including the CO2 laser cutter, a 16mm deep acrylic polishing bit, the latest version of ZCC software, and the Zünd Overhead Cutter Camera (OCC). This is a single camera mounted over the bed to target marks with one snap of the shutter, making cutting even quicker and more precise.

For further information on Zünd cutting systems, or to book a visit to Zünd UK's dedicated demonstration suite, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.