24 May 2019

Record Number of Chinese Manufacturers to Exhibit at Ipex 2010

IPEX 2010 logo

More than 35 Chinese manufacturers and suppliers have already confirmed their stand bookings at Ipex 2010, adding more than 1,600 sqm of floor space to the international event which will take place from 18th – 25th May 2010 at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

Comments Trevor Crawford, Ipex 2010 Events Director, “For many Chinese manufacturers, Ipex 2010 will mark their second or third show which demonstrates the overall growth of their international graphic arts offerings and highlights the importance of Ipex as the number one global graphic arts exhibition in 2010. Equally, a number of Chinese suppliers less well known internationally will use Ipex as a global launch pad. We’ve already exceeded the number of exhibitors from China that participated in 2006, having currently 30 companies contracted compared to 27 in 2006. Demand remains high and we expect the overall numbers of exhibitors from this region to significantly rocket in 2010.”

Of all Chinese manufacturers confirmed so far, joint venture companies Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation (SEC) & Goss International Corporation have secured the biggest footprint with 1,000 square metres of floor space. They will use Ipex’s international role to promote the merged business.

Shanghai Electric Printing and Packaging Equipment Manufacturing (SPPM) Group's Chairman Mr. Chen Da Xiong says, "As an important business unit of Shanghai Electric Group, SPPM has become an international leading supplier to the sheetfed, web offset and packaging printing sectors. We’ve attended several Ipex shows in previous years and are extremely pleased with the ROI achieved. Ipex 2010 is the ideal platform for us to showcase our strong capabilities and demonstrate our growing product portfolio and differentiating technologies to the international graphic arts community.”

Ipex Organisers are working in close partnership with PEIAC, the Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China, to help exhibitors maximise their participation at the show. Comments Wang Demao, Vice Chariman Executive of PEIAC: “As organisers of two international exhibitions, China Print and Print China, we understand the tremendous contribution to the development of global printing industries made by Ipex over the years. That’s why we are lending our support once again to Ipex 2010 by organising for Chinese companies to exhibit their products at the show. We estimate that the total Chinese exhibition area will reach 2000 square metres.”

Other leading Chinese major players already confirmed and allocated on the floorplan include post-press manufacturer JMD Machinery Corporation Ltd with almost 170 square metres, as well as printing, packaging and consumables suppliers UP Group with 135 square metres. Others include Shanghai Eureka Machinery, Shanghai Hongjing Printing and Packaging Machinery, The Second Film Factory of Lucky Group, Shanghai PrintYoung, Chengdu Xingraphics, Zhejing Zhengrun Machinery and Zhejiang Konita New Materials to name but a few.

Hou Kang, the marketing manager of Longma Aluminium Group of China, which has secured over 40 square metres of floor space at Ipex says that, “Ipex 2010 plays an important part in the company’s export strategy because of its international reach.”

Zhejiang Zhengrun Machinery Co. Ltd will be exhibiting at Ipex 2010 for the first time. Deputy general manager, Wu Yingyi has booked a 60 square metre stand at Ipex. He comments: “Ipex has a wide influence in the global graphic arts world. As a prosperous Chinese company we’ve stepped outside our home borders and today successfully export to 30 other countries. Ipex offers the ideal opportunity to expand our business and relationships even further.”

Pre-registration for all those wishing to attend Ipex 2010 is now officially available via www.ipex.org/register and will result in a £30 saving off the entrance fee. The immediate wave of registrations has been very encouraging and is tracking ahead of the 2006 cycle. So far, registrations have been received from over 80 countries, reinforcing the importance of Ipex on a global scale. The show organisers have confirmed that there will be free fast-track entry for all pre-registered visitors.

FESPA Welcomes Mexican Association Amerografics

FESPA logo

As it continues to build its international community, FESPA announces the addition of the Mexican association Amerografics to its member base, only weeks after the Sri Lanka Association of Printers and the Nepal Printers Association join as FESPA associate members.

As an associate member, the members of Amerografics will benefit from a variety of FESPA educational resources and training initiatives, as well as participating in a growing number of international projects and events, including research studies, conferences, industry summits and exhibitions.  FESPA will benefit by forging stronger links with Mexican, and wider Latin American, printing professionals.

FESPA’s firm commitment to Mexican printers is clear from the events that it runs in the country. The organisation held its first successful sign, screenprinting and digital imaging exhibition in the country last August, which was followed by a second FESPA Mexico 2009 event. Attracting over 8,500 visitors to both exhibitions, FESPA Mexico has been established as the region’s leading trade show. In July 2009, FESPA also held its inaugural FESPA Summit in Mexico.  With over 70 delegates, which included printers and suppliers, the one-day summit in Mexico City comprised presentations and workshops on topics including the economic outlook in Mexico, environmental considerations with the introduction of a new law about printing on recyclable materials, and current and future technological developments. 

Founded in December 2008, Amerografics currently consists of screen, signage, digital and textile printers. With an office located in the District Federal of Mexico and another in Guadalajara, the association undertakes a wide range of activities on behalf of its members. Its aim is to strategically manage activities to improve the relationship between manufacturers and suppliers with the print community, as well as promote the exchange of knowledge and information amongst industry peers. Amerografics organises various events in Latin America to strengthen links in the community and offer educational training on topics, such as innovative printing.  It is active in encouraging social responsibility and planet-friendly practices. It seeks to support and develop the printing industry by engaging in open dialogue with relevant political authorities, in addition to representing the rights and interests of members, both nationally and internationally, before governmental bodies. It has already established relations with The Secretary of Economy and the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) that presented at the Mexico Summit in July.

Mr. Francesco Brocchi, President of Amerografics says: “We are thrilled to be part of FESPA’s global community. FESPA played an integral part in founding Amerografics, recognising the strong need to bring together Mexican printers to support them, as well as developing the industry at both a national and global level. Being a member of FESPA enables us to offer our members additional support with a wider range of educational and training resources, and access to a number of services that FESPA provides, including its world-class summits and exhibitions.”

Nigel Steffens, CEO of FESPA, comments: “We are delighted that Amerografics has become a member of FESPA.  The Mexican printers that we meet are highly engaged, motivated and ready to proactively pursue market opportunities. We see FESPA playing a key role in the positive development of the printing industry in Mexico and more widely in Latin America. We’re confident that our partnership with Amerografics will be mutually beneficial and look forward to collaborating with these new members in the coming months.”

For further information, please visit the Amerografics website at www.amerografics.org

C.B.C. Solutions chooses HP to optimise its customers' costs for large-format printing

HP Designjet T1120

C.B.C. Solutions, a printing optimisation consultancy firm based in Montpellier, has just opened a large-format division which makes use of HP printers and helps its customers optimise their printing costs thanks to the unique offer of invoicing per printed square meter.

C.B.C. Solutions, created by Cristophe Chauvet in 1991, aims to provide its customers with the market's most cutting-edge solutions for document management and printing. The company, a long-time HP Gold Preferred Partner, has decided to increase the areas it works in, which have till now been limited to office printing.  C.B.C. Solutions proposes HP Designjet printers and related consumables as solutions for architecture firms, R&D departments and surveyors, as well as for companies involved in graphic arts and photo labs looking to optimise their printing costs.

C.B.C.'s choice of the HP brand is a logical step for the company. "Our customers are looking for a local partner able to guarantee delivery from one day to the next, on-site after-sales service with no delays, and a solution for optimising printing costs and managing consumables," explains Christophe Chauvet, president of C.B.C. Solutions. "By choosing to trust us with their printing needs, our customers benefit from HP's reliability, more than 20 years of proven know-how, solutions that make up 70 percent of the world market, formats used by all professionals, and thermal ink-jet technology that is far more economical than what our competitors offer. All of these factors reassure our customers and provide us with a significant competitive advantage."

C.B.C. Solutions first analyses the type of work being carried out, their monthly volume and the type of material used (paper, tarp, canvas etc.).  The company then uses this data to define the true printing cost per m², which enables it to optimise usage costs and work with the customer to choose the most convenient printing and maintenance solution. This solution includes the material, consumables, maintenance, and may also cover financing.

Thanks to their high printing speeds, powerful integrated processing architecture, integrated hard disks and other easy-to-use management tools, HP printers allow professionals to meet their deadlines, even during peak demand periods, while still ensuring optimal print quality.

"We have been working with C.B.C. Solutions for our printer and photocopier station for many years. Since I had already acquired an HP plotter, I naturally contacted that company to discuss my large-format development plans," says Thierry Chaniolleau, director of Send to Print. "Initially, after doing research on the Internet, I had narrowed down my choices to the HP Designjet T1120 printer and a competitor's product. I met with C.B.C. Solutions, and we discussed our high production needs for colour printing, the possibility of having two standard spools with automatic roll switching and compatibility with standard handling formats for HP-GL2 as well as Adobe PostScript documents.  They recommended an HP Designjet 4520ps which cost more, but their analysis of the type of documents printed and their cost management per m2 using HP materials and consumables convinced me that this was a well-founded choice."

"Because of HP solutions and our 'all inclusive' per m² invoicing contract, our customers are reporting increased productivity and perfect control over their large-format printing costs. They have also noticed optimised printing by their working groups and easier, quicker handling of documents being printed, with unbeatable line precision. All of these improvements allow companies to save 10 to 15 percent per year," Christophe Chauvet concludes.

DiMS.NET! end-to-end ERP solution now available in Europe

DiMS ERP-MIS Software

DiMS! organising print, a world leader in MIS systems for the printing and packaging industries, is now introducing its latest DiMS.NET! MIS/ERP solution in Europe. The new generation of the popular DiMS! system automates the complete range of web-enabled administrative and printing processes across an entire enterprise, helping businesses to streamline their operations, increase productivity and cut costs. Based on Microsoft’s latest .NET technology and featuring the familiar look and feel of Microsoft software, DiMS.NET! is easy to learn and use, as it automatically adapts to the preferred work method of the individual user. 

Gerard Marneth, co-founder and CEO of DiMS! organizing print, comments: "By building upon the comprehensive end-to-end functionality of the existing DiMS! solution, we've created a brand new ‘plug & play’ category in MIS/ERP. DiMS.NET! is an all-in-one application with true end-to-end integration—from estimating to planning and scheduling, prepress to production, shipping to invoicing, and financials.  It reduces errors, accelerates processes, improves flow, increases efficiency and delivers significant cost savings. But most importantly, DiMS.NET! is easy to implement and very intuitive to use”.

Michael Murphy, President Japs-Olson Company, was involved in a long and extensive search for a Web-enabled MIS system and selected DiMS! because “it was the best product that would enable us to operate at a world-class level and provide solutions for challenges in the marketplace.  It enables us to streamline our operations and significantly reduce setup and rollout times. All relevant information—such as customer, job and material data—only needs to be entered once, which greatly reduces mistakes. Plus, we can configure DiMS.NET! to automatically push information to the appropriate employee, which saves a lot of time”, concludes Michael Murphy.
Business-enhancing benefits
DiMS.NET! is also particularly well suited to medium-to-large printers with multiple facilities. It delivers a raft of business-enhancing benefits, such as improved performance and faster server applications.
It enables clear communication of data in multiple currencies and multiple languages across every location.  The product-focused business templates decrease setup times, permit greater efficiency and reduce rollout time. Customers who have moved to the .NET technology typically experience an increase in speed and efficiency between 300% and 500%.

With DiMS.NET! delivery times are dramatically decreased.  A single point of entry for all information decreases the risk for mistakes.  Every step in the workflow presents numerous options to match the preferred work approach of each individual user.  Printers can now configure DiMS.NET! so that information is automatically pushed to the appropriate employee in the company.  This means, for example, that a production planner will not have to check whether a required roll of paper has arrived: the system will deliver the relevant information as soon as that roll arrives and it will also warn them if it doesn’t arrive on time.

Improved security and integration
DiMS.NET! integrates smoothly within existing IT environments. The .NET framework makes it easy to deploy, run and manage applications. In addition it offers mobility support, providing one unified programming model for smart client and web applications for both PCs and mobile devices.

“DiMS.NET! provides the essential technologies and interfaces allowing users to securely run the application in a broader business environment”, remarks Gerard Marneth. “The code access security methods in the .NET framework check against administrator-set or default security policies before deciding to run an application or enabling it to access a particular resource. The .NET framework also supports XML web services, which can be used to integrate applications across different platforms, or to offer software-as-a-service. Plus there is support for more than 20 programming languages.”

DiMS.NET! comes packed with valuable features for end users, including:

  • DiMS! eLearning system - users can access the training course via the internet at any time.  Intuitive online lessons simulate the look, feel and behavior of the actual live system. Lessons are presented in a preview format, whereby the user learns by watching a simulation.  The training session is followed by a testing module where users are presented with generic instructions to verify their capability to correctly execute the task.
  • One integrated database – users get an enterprise-wide view using visually appealing and easy-to-understand personal dashboards. In addition they can filter and analyze real-time data according to their needs, and act quickly if production problems occur. Drill-downs and dashboards to the transaction level are standard. Internal and external documents are available in the integrated archive, providing real-time access to current communications. A personal cockpit enables company management to view real-time key data at a glance. This places the business data essential for decision making at the manager's fingertips, in a clear and intuitively understandable form.  Direct access to data can even be tuned precisely to individual requirements.
  • An enhanced scheduling board is an integral part of the new DiMS.NET!.  Scheduling captures all characteristics of each job and proposes the most efficient way to run it.  Scheduling can be viewed across departments, plants, and even international borders.  Flag support and dashboards give a visual status of the jobs. This optimizes production times and gives users the best scenarios to manage the plant.
  • Web-based application – customers can upload orders via DiMS.NET! directly to the web-based server, and order details can be delivered to all relevant areas of the company.
  • Scalability - DiMS.NET! provides an easy upgrade path. Companies can decide to start with only estimating, scheduling or job tickets, and can easily upgrade to a more complete solution at any time. If a DiMS! customer expands services or moves into a new market, they can rely upon DiMS.NET! being flexible enough to evolve with them. The extensive 25 year history and experience of the DiMS! solution have been incorporated into DiMS.Net!, which means that DiMS! can handle any specific print product and also any fulfillment, mailing and shipping activity. There is no risk of outgrowing the system, or having to buy add-ons in order to expand.
  • Full JDF integration – DiMS.NET!’s integration with prepress systems through JDF allows to automatically plan the print job and see how it’s progressing through prepress. To date, DiMS! has achieved the highest possible MIS-ICS level of conformance in terms of JDF submission and JMF handling, and is the first and only to be certified in commercial web printing–after acquiring JDF certifications for prepress, conventional printing (sheet-fed), imposition ICS and base ICS.

Gerard Marneth concludes: “DiMS.NET! builds on our company’s recognized experience in print business management systems. Some of the most respected printers in the world rely on DiMS! to manage their businesses. DiMS.NET! demonstrates the strength of our software and its ability to quickly adapt to the latest technologies available.  We anticipate that DiMS.NET! will further strengthen our position in the industry.”

European TransPromo Summit a Major Success for Attendees and Sponsors

European TransPromo Summit

The European TransPromo Summit proved to be a major success, bringing together 315 attendees and 22 sponsoring companies. The truly international audience was made up of attendees from The U.K., France, Greece, Spain, Germany, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia, United States, Italy and others. The inaugural event, held at the Square Brussels Meeting Centre in Belgium last week, was organized by 4IT Group and InfoTrends. The summit was information-packed and provided attendees with valuable business insights, information on industry and technology trends, detailed case studies, and innovative business opportunities. The event also provided attendees and sponsors with several opportunities to network with industry peers.

“There is no question about the interest in the TransPromo Market in Europe. The conference was over-subscribed and participants were not disappointed,” commented Barb Pellow, Group Director at InfoTrends. “In a struggling economy this event was strong and created very positive energy levels throughout the 2 days.”

Day one of the conference kicked off with a state of the industry address focused on the TransPromo value proposition, its current state in Europe, and a view into future opportunities. The program continued with keynote presentations on “Powering TransPromo - Hardware a Critical Enabler” and “Planning for TransPromo Success.” Keynote speakers included industry leaders from Belgian Post, DST Output, GMC, HP, InfoPrint Solutions, Kodak, Océ, and Xeikon.

“It is evident that TransPromo’s time has come,” commented Enrico Barboglio, President, 4IT Group. “There was a tremendous industry buzz from companies that are leveraging the power of bold design, vibrant color and variable data to transform bills and statements into highly individualized customer marketing communications.”

“Conference content was superb, and I believe the sessions were well received by everyone,” commented Roberta McKee-Jackson, Director of Operations, Xplor UK & Ireland. “There was a lot to be learned and presenting the marketing as well as the technology tracks was beneficial to all.”

“I enjoyed the event tremendously with high quality content and a very well managed conference. The insights gained will translate into improved business decisions and help to shape our strategic direction,” stated Bill Parker, CMO, GMC Software AG. “The time I spent was well worth the investment.”

Plans for the 2010 European TransPromo Summit are underway and will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Due to the success of the event many sponsors have already signed up for next year. Sponsorship opportunities are now being accepted for 2010. For more information, please contact Jason Russell at +44 1582 400120 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or Valentina Carnevali at +39 02 26927081 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Velmex Distribution open Canon's largest UK LFP Showroom

Velmex Distribution - Canon Showroom

Velmex Distribution leading Large Format Printer distributor for Canon UK, welcomed Canon directors, senior management and partners for a showroom opening at their newly acquired premises in Mitcham, Surrey. The showroom is now thought to be the biggest Canon large format printer demonstration facility in the UK.

Velmex Distribution the leading distributor for Canon large format printers celebrated the opening of a showroom facility in their new premises on Willow Lane Industrial Park in Mitcham, Surrey.  The premises comprises of a much larger office and warehousing space as well as an impressive 30ft demonstration suite and showroom, filled with Canon’s full range of printers, making it the largest Canon LFP showroom in the UK.

The showroom opening was attended by two Canon Directors; Mr Yuichi Miyano, Director LFP Solutions for Canon Europe as well as Matthew Seale, Director, Canon Partner Channel, Canon UK & Ireland.

By opening the showroom Velmex Distribution demonstrates a strong level of confidence in Canon’s products and market direction in a difficult financial climate.   Velmex Distribution has worked closely with Canon since 2001, together developing the sales channel and improving the value proposition collectively offered.  Matthew Searle Canon UK Directory said “Our partnership with Velmex over the last 8 years has been a model of how a vendor and distributor partnership should work”.

Mr Yuichi Miyano, Director LFP Solutions for Canon Europe visited Velmex Distribution for the first time at the opening. He was suitably impressed by the facilities and said “Velmex’s expertise is highly regarded by Canon and recognised as far a field as Canon Inc in Japan,”
The launch of the showroom coincides with Velmex Distribution’s recent Fogra certification for engineer, Daniel Judge, further proof of the service Velmex are intent on providing.

The impressive facilities are at the forefront of the move to Mitcham, “We desperately needed more space both for warehousing, office and showroom facilities.  Says Mark Keeley, Managing Director for Velmex Distribution “The premises offers us all of this”  The showroom is believed to be the largest Canon LFP showroom in the country and the only of its kind to offer all the Canon LFP line up as well as the C1+ a new light production printer in Velmex Distribution’s portfolio.

The showroom, filled with Canon’s range of Image PROGRAF printers and the Canon C1+, is smartly painted in slate grey, and provides a large boardroom table and presentation display system for meetings. The facilities offer customers the chance to see the products and have their own output printed before they invest.  Shane Burchett, LFP Channel Development Manager  said, “It’s wonderful to see a showroom with all our products so impressively displayed, it gives us a fantastic facility in the South East to showcase our printers and with Velmex’s technical expertise it provides our channel with an exceptional tool”