12 Dec 2019

Duomedia Public Relations celebrates 10 years all about you!

The Duomedia Team

Fueling business with new  B2B international clients and development of new channels

Founded in 1999, Duomedia Public Relations celebrated its 10th anniversary with an event at Dolce Hotel, Belgium, for clients, journalists, partners and the European team. At this occasion a video was released, hosting viewers into Duomedia’s office, illustrated with client and journalist testimonials. view video 10 years all about you
Duomedia fueled its business by adding new clients including Kodak, Punch Graphix (Xeikon), Ricoh Europe, Grapo and DiMS! For 2010 further growth is anticipated, supported by an increased presence in the UK and Italy, and the installation of an Advisory Board.

PR is much more than press relations. It includes communication of messages and values to a company’s stakeholders. In close cooperation with clients, Duomedia leverages PR programs with advertising, newsletters, testimonials and other activities on a cross-media and multichannel level.


International Trade Technology PR

Duomedia supports start-ups and multinationals including Alwan, Bekaert, Taleo, EskoArtwork, Enfocus, Atlantic Zeiser, Presstek and many more. Trade Technology PR programs are implemented to industrial and technical markets across Europe by Duomedia's dedicated team, and internationally through partners in Hong Kong and the US.

"Decision-making processes are more complex in B2B than in the consumer market, which is more individual and emotion-driven. Technology communication requires special skills and tools to create understandable messages.

Duomedia has developed an expertise in this field and built a network of specialist writers and translators." comments Anja D’Hondt, Managing Partner and Founder.

“The business model we developed over the past years has proven very successful supporting clients to increase brand awareness and market visibility. We are working very cost-efficiently, repurposing content across different media and spreading messages through several channels and countries.”

Developing new channels and media

Lutt Willems, Partner at Duomedia since 2000, adds: "Our cross-client multivendor press conferences for major trade events, hereby sharing travel costs for journalists and organization efforts, are an example of a creative and flexible approach."

Also on the advertising side, the bread and butter of trade magazines, approaches have become more creative, assessing the return on marketing investment with click rates on websites or other measurement tools. Publishers develop online channels complementary to print publications, organize round tables or other events, and offer branded content. view video
Other new services include video testimonials and online reputation management, applying social media like Youtube, Twitter, blogs and forums as channels for its clients messaging and community management. This is now only just developing in business markets across Europe, whereby Duomedia manages its own accounts on Youtube and Twitter.
“We needed a PR agency that understands our wide solutions portfolio and the diverse markets we are active in, managing the program centrally and implementing locally with our regional Kodak teams. Duomedia does a tremendous job for us, pro-actively and independently managing all PR activities with our internal stakeholders,  including a monthly e-newsletter, a multitude of customer testimonials across Europe, as well as press conferences and events.” says Patrick Hamilton, PR Director for Kodak EAMER.

PR raises visibility and provides journalists with easier access to information

A recent online satisfaction survey amongst 60 clients and journalists across Europe indicated a 90% satisfaction level on the services the Duomedia team is providing - mostly appreciating the high responsiveness and personal, professional approach.

All clients responded their PR remains currently the most important vehicle to drive their brand awareness, even more important during an economic recession. Their main motivation for PR amongst clients is (in order of importance): raising visibility, communicating with stakeholders, introducing new products and supporting industry event attendance. Trade journalists find that Duomedia as PR agency adds value by (in order of importance): providing easier/faster access to information, high responsiveness, online press office, offering of press materials and improving their relations with vendors.

The future looks bright

“For the future we plan a further professionalization and internationalization, leveraging our current presence in certain countries and markets, and expanding into new segments. We are broadening our service offering into areas like social media, online newsletters and video testimonials. Strategic consulting services have been upgraded with the Communication Scans, marketing consulting and training programs like Managing Media Relations for client spokes people. We look forward to a bright and challenging future, and another successful decade.” concludes Anja D’Hondt.

EFI Hosts Free Webinars for Europe

EFI logo

"Win with EFI" Series Provides Tips to Digital and Superwide Format Printers for Managing Business Successfully in 2010

As a difficult year draws to an end for most people in the print media industry, EFI® invites printers from Europe to sign up for a series of free-of-charge webinars where EFI's executives and technical specialists will provide insight in market developments, and how companies can take advantage of them to manage their business for success. The four webinar sessions will take place in December. Anyone can register for the "Win with EFI" webcasts via www.efi.com/euwin to learn more about topics including:

  • productivity and ease of use for new digital printing applications
  • digital label printing choices and considerations
  • gaining control of your colour supply chain
  • turning superwide format productivity into business success

Eighteen million digital printing professionals can't be wrong
Monday 7 December, 3pm CET

In this webinar, presenters Terry Garvey and Philip Linstead will guide listeners through core digital printing applications and technologies and explain their benefits. With eighteen million users worldwide, EFI's Fiery digital print solutions are the most widespread print workflow. The webinar gives a concise overview on what Fiery can do for your business now and in the future, with a sneak preview into what's coming!
To register, go to www.efi.com/euwin

Digital label printing choices and considerations
Tuesday 8 December, 3 p.m. CET

Label printing is full of choices - analogue or digital? UV inkjet or toner? VDP? white ink? This webinar by Sean Skelly and Jason Oliver looks at the dazzling array of solutions out on the market and touches upon advantages using EFI Jetrion UV inkjet systems, such as cost savings, minimising waste and producing high-quality work that rivals analogue processes. They also discuss short-run printing opportunities in many lucrative markets such as pharma, food and beverage, and durable labels. Includes a brief overview of EFI's financing offerings for label printing systems.
To register, go to www.efi.com/euwin

Gaining Control of the Colour Supply Chain
Thursday 10 December, 3 p.m. CET

Producing sophisticated printing products from design through production to output is not much different from a classic supply chain - except digital colour is the focus. This webinar discusses how XF Solutions facilitate the seamless exchange of colour jobs between all pertinent parties regardless of location, while still guaranteeing consistent colour output and the benefits of remote proofing will be addressed with Web Control Center, a web-based application that connects, monitors and controls proofing and printing at all remote sites in a production workflow. This is a must-attend webinar presented by Oliver Luedtke and Frank Hueske for anybody who wants to understand how big brands control their print jobs.
To register, go to www.efi.com/euwin

Turning superwide format productivity into business success
Friday 11 December, 3 p.m. CET

Some superwide format digital printers are faster than others, but how do you take this speed and high performance and turn it into profit to improve your bottom line? This Webinar offers helpful tips from Ken van Horn and Emmanuel Swolfs on achieving these two goals using EFI VUTEk® printers and inks. It also discusses practical tips on how to make a printer work to its capacity. Includes a brief overview of EFI's financing offerings for superwide printing systems.

"I think it is a good thing EFI are now bringing their 'Win with EFI'  webinars to our time zone," said Mark Evans, Operations Director at DS Smith Multigraphics in Bradford, England. "We specialise in retail print and display work for very demanding customers, and meet their demands using a portfolio of EFI technology, including VUTEk printers, EFI RIPs, proofing and management information software. I am looking forward to hearing how EFI sees markets and technologies develop next."

To register for the 'Win with EFI' webinars, go to www.efi.com/euwin

Océ gains PEFC sustainability certification

Oce Sustainability

More than 80% of Océ wide format plain paper media now environmentally certified

Océ Imaging Supplies, one of the world’s largest paper converters and market leader in wide format printing media, has gained PEFC sustainability certification for a large part of its product range.

Provides sustainability assurance of Océ papers

The PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) certification gives users a number of important assurances about the sustainability of the Océ papers concerned. As a result of this certification, Océ is entitled to use the PEFC label and logo on its packaging. In addition to the new PEFC certification, Océ also holds the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody certification.

Committed to sustainability throughout value chain

“These certifications give users of our papers a further assurance of our commitment to sustainability right through the sourcing and production chain,” says Hans van der Laan, International Product Manager of Océ Imaging Supplies. “PEFC provides a transparent system of tracking extending from forest right through to end-product, giving users the assurance that the products originate from legal and sustainable sources. By 2010 more than 90% of the paper volume sourced by Océ will carry a certification label for paper coming from sustainable sources.”

Basis for credible and sustainable procurement

PEFC certification now forms the basis for a credible and sustainable paper procurement policy by providing a fully audited, verifiable supply chain from forest to end use. This allows companies to integrate Chain of Custody certification into their own quality management and control systems. Certification was granted to Océ Imaging Supplies following a detailed audit of the company’s sourcing and production policies.

Certification covers wide range of Océ papers

The PEFC certification applies to 75% of the volume of Océ wide format plain paper media. LFM054 Océ Red Label Paper and LFM022 Océ Black Label Paper are PEFC certified. LFM116 Océ Top Label Paper is FSC certified. Full information about other Océ PEFC and FSC certified media grades can be found in the Océ Media Guide.

WhatTheyThink Eco-Friendly Large Format Educational Webinar Sponsored by HP Draws Interest from Wide Audience


WhatTheyThink webinar highlights growth opportunities in Wide format and a review of HP Latex inks for wide format

WhatTheyThink.com today reported that nearly 200 industry professionals attended a free printing industry educational webinar. Eco-Friendly Large format Impressions, which was led by industry expert Barbara A. Pellow, Group Director of Production Services for research firm InfoTrends.  Sponsored by HP, the event was held December 2nd.

The no-charge archive may be accessed at the webinar archive page.

“As other aspects of the printing industry experience declines, wide format continues to grow,” said Pellow.  “It is an important element of a diversification strategy.  Dr. Allen was very thorough in his review of HP’s Latex inks, and Kyle and Brett’s experiences with leveraging wide format for business growth offered great insight for other print service providers who might be considering the addition of this technology.”

Pellow was joined by

  • Dr. Ross Allen of HP.  Dr. Allen has in-depth personal knowledge and 28 years of experience in inkjet technology and digital imaging products.  As a Senior Technology Specialist at HP, he has more than 40 US patents to his name.  He will explain HP’s Latex ink technology, where it fits in the market and its environmental importance.
  • Kyle Morrison, Project-Ink.com.  Project Ink is a progressive graphics agency providing organic design, innovative green media products and environmental graphic application/installations.
  • Brett O’Connell, Quantum Digital Imaging.  Quantum Digital Imaging combines the latest in large format digital output technologies with advanced finishing equipmenbt and the highest regard for quality and craftsmanship.

“As we come out of the economic downturn, savvy printers will be looking for profitable offerings they can add to their businesses, and wide format is one that should be near the top of the list,” said Randy Davidson, President, WhatTheyThink. “We were also pleased to have Dr. Allen explain the new HP Latex inks.  We appreciate the fact that HP is sponsoring this important session, allowing us to make it available at no charge.”

About HP

HP focuses on simplifying technology experiences for all customers. With a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP is among the world's largest IT companies. Featuring next-generation digital printing technologies that enable the professional printing of postage stamps to building wraps, and everything in between, HP Graphic Arts solutions include digital presses, wide and super wide-format printers, and custom inkjet solutions. Couple HP’s progressive portfolio with it's reputation for innovation, global responsibility and an industry-leading commitment to helping customers capture business success and you have a company that’s equipped to help you achieve profitable growth and thrive. www.hp.com/go/graphic-arts

About WhatTheyThink.com

WhatTheyThink is the printing and publishing industry's leading media organization; offering a wide range of publications delivering unbiased, real-time market intelligence, industry news, economic and trend analysis, peer-to-peer communication, and special reports on emerging technology and critical events. WhatTheyThink also hosts webinars and live events as well as providing content through a syndication program, which delivers content directly to related websites.

About Barbara Pellow

Barbara Pellow recently assumed responsibility for the development and delivery of two new services at InfoTrends specifically focused on the evolution of the Graphic Communications Market – The Business Development Service and Custom Communications Service. Pellow has served in a number of roles including the Chief Marketing Officer of Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group. In the role of Chief Marketing Officer, Pellow was responsible for all marketing activities for the division, including marketing communications, public relations, marketing intelligence and advertising strategy. She was an active participant in developing business strategy and helping define the group’s go-to-market organizational structure.

Prior to joining Kodak, Pellow was the Gannett chair in integrated publishing sciences in Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) School of Printing Management and Sciences (SPMS). She has also held senior marketing roles at IKON Office Solutions, InfoTrends, Xerox and IBM.

Future survival of the print industry to be tackled at Ipex 2010 Great Print Debates

IPEX 2010

A series of free of charge expert panel debates at Ipex 2010 will tackle some of the most critical issues facing the print industry today. Produced by world print authority, Pira International in association with Ipex, the Great Print Debates will bring together experts, thought leaders and high-profile industry representatives from 18-25 May 2010.

“The printing industry needs more debate and discussion” explains Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology and Great Debate chairperson. “We are at a crossroads in terms of new printing technology, changes in customer marketing and challenges to print. We need to band together to develop new markets, new print products, and new ideas - and convince the world that print is still an important and viable form of communication.”

Four pressing questions will be considered: More than ink on paper: how should printers be selling print?, What will the printer of the future look like?, Will an Ipod for publishing kill printed media? and Green print: is it worth it? With full audience participation and interaction, the Great Print Debates will take expert commentary, lively debate and audience interactivity to a completely new level.

The Debates come at a critical time according to Pira Consultant and Great Debate chair, Sean Smyth. “The industry is in an unprecedented period of change, exacerbated by the deep recession. Cash conservation is a short-term tactic, not a strategy to build a successful business. These debates provide an opportunity for industry players to put their heads above the parapet and think about how their businesses, and their careers, might progress satisfactorily under new conditions.”

Joining Sean Smyth and Frank Romano as Debate chairs will be Neil Falconer, Senior Consultant, Pira International and Laurel Brunner, Digital Dots. Panellists include Rob Haak, President, SPIKIX; Adam Dewitz, Director of Technology, WhatTheyThink.com; Stephen Goddard, Environmental Leadership Program Manager, Hewlett Packard and Marcia Balisciano, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Reed Elsevier. For a full list of panellists see http://www.ipex.org/greatprintdebates

Audience participation and interaction using simple polling technology will allow real-time feedback and drive the questioning of the panel chair, pushing the experts out of their comfort zone. Looking forward to the Debates, Laurel Brunner of Digital Dots reminds the industry, “It's all too easy to forget that understanding important issues only comes with interaction and participation.”

Debate participants will take away an exclusive study with scenarios and forecasts to 2020. With input from a special panel of authoritative print and publishing experts from around the world,
Print to 2020 will provide a unique global summary of the major challenges, threats and opportunities facing the printing industry. Building upon the themes discussed at the Ipex/Pira forums, the study will offer an exclusive roadmap for how these issues are likely to develop over the next ten years. Print to 2020 is published by Pira International.

The Great Debates will take place from 13.00 - 14.00 in the Printers’ Profit Zone.

Roland DG increases their stand presence at Sign & Digital UK 2010

Roland DG Lanyards

Roland DG (UK) have confirmed their presence at Sign & Digital UK 2010, with a 60% increase in stand size from the previous show.

According to Brett Newman, Head of Product Management at Roland DG (UK): 'Sign & Digital UK is regarded as the show for the sign & digital industry and delivers us new customers year on year. It is the perfect platform to showcase our products, achieve sales and meet both existing and new customers. The 2009 show was a great success for Roland DG and we received a very positive return from that event, and as a result we have significantly increased our stand presence for Sign & Digital UK 2010.'

For the latest show information visit: www.signanddigitaluk.com