10 Jul 2020

LFP Specialist Cubed Creative Launch New Website

Cubed Creative

London-based large format printing specialist Cubed Creative welcomes you to review their newly launched website at www.cubedcreative.co.uk

Cubed is an experienced company with the knowledge, ability and creativity to deliver everything you require to promote your business; whether you require a brochure, pop-up display or simply a vinyl sign. Cubed was created to provide a complete design and print service under one roof, with clients first and foremost in mind, they aim to produce realistic cost effective design solutions.

Specialising in graphic design, large format digital printing and vinyl signage, Cubed Creative use theirr extensive knowledge, traditional skills and the latest technology to offer creative solutions that aim to exceed client expectations.

Canon Declares Public Offer for Océ Unconditional

Canon Logo

4 March 2010 - Reference is made to the press release of 28 January 2010, in which Canon Inc. ("Canon") and its subsidiary Canon Finance Netherlands B.V. ("Offeror") and Océ N.V. ("Océ") jointly announced that the Offeror is making a fully self-funded public cash offer ("Offer") for all the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Océ (the "Shares") at an offer price of EUR 8.60 per Share. The Offer is further described in the offer memorandum dated 28 January 2010 (the "Offer Memorandum").


Offer unconditional

The Offeror announces that with more than 71% of the Shares tendered to or owned by the Offeror and given the positive outcome of the Enterprise Chamber hearing in Amsterdam on 3 March 2010, it declares the Offer unconditional (gestanddoening).

With this announcement, Canon and Océ have successfully taken an important first step in their aim to create the overall No. 1 presence in the printing industry.



36,520,160 Shares have been tendered for acceptance under the Offer during the acceptance period that ended at 17:30 hours CET on 1 March 2010. The Shares tendered under the Offer represent 43.03% of the Shares and an aggregated value of EUR 314,073,376.

The Shares tendered under the Offer, together with the 24,018,597 Shares acquired by the Offeror before the end of the acceptance period, amount to a total of 60,538,757 Shares, which represent 71.33% of the Shares.



Payment of the offer price of EUR 8.60 per Share validly tendered (or defectively tendered provided that such defect has been waived by the Offeror) and delivered (geleverd) on the terms and subject to conditions and restrictions set out in the Offer Memorandum will take place on 9 March 2010.


Post-acceptance period

Shareholders who have not yet tendered their Shares under the Offer will be granted the opportunity to tender their Shares in a post-acceptance period (na-aanmeldingstermijn) commencing at 09:00 hours CET on 5 March 2010 and expiring at 17:30 hours CET on 19 March 2010 (the "Post-Acceptance Period"). Shareholders can tender their Shares in the same manner and under the same conditions and restrictions as set out in the Offer Memorandum and the press release of 28 January 2010.

Shares tendered during the Post-Acceptance Period will immediately be accepted. Shareholders who tender their Shares during the Post-Acceptance Period shall not have the right to withdraw such tendered Shares. The Offeror shall arrange for a payment for the Shares that are validly tendered (or defectively tendered provided that such defect has been waived by the Offeror) and delivered (geleverd) in the Post-Acceptance Period as soon as possible and shall use reasonable endeavours to arrange that, in respect of Shares that are so tendered and delivered to Fortis Bank (Nederland) N.V. / MeesPierson CFCM, as exchange agent in respect of the Offer, before 17:30 hours, Amsterdam time, on any day that Euronext Amsterdam N.V. is open for trading (a "Trading Day") during the Post-Acceptance Period, the payment of EUR 8.60 per Share shall be made on the third Trading Day after the date on which the relevant tender and delivery were made.

Beyond Digital Imaging Leverages HP Latex Inks for NASCAR Canada

Beyond Digital Nascar

Beyond Digital Imaging Leverages HP Latex Inks for NASCAR Canada


  • Beyond Digital Imaging required a new printer that offered outdoor and indoor application versatility with print-quality and display permanence comparable to low-solvent printers


  • The company selected the HP Designjet L65500 with HP Latex Inks to produce vehicle wraps for NASCAR Canada and for the Canadian Torch run for the 2010 Winter Olympics


  • Vehicle wraps produced for NASCAR Canada is an example of how Beyond Digital Imaging found new business opportunities with digital printing


Like moving billboards, vehicle wraps are gaining ground among marketers looking to make a visual impact with their campaigns.  One company that is at the forefront in developing these applications for customers is Beyond Digital Imaging of Markham, Ont., Canada.

Since its establishment in 1998, Beyond Digital Imaging has become one of the largest graphic printing companies in North America with a full range of digital printing technologies. The company's 70 employees create leading-edge marketing materials for advertising and design firms, retailers, sign companies and trade shows. One of Beyond Digital's most prominent customers is NASCAR Canada, which operates multiple auto racing sports events throughout the country.

As an Official Partner of NASCAR Canada, Beyond Digital Imaging creates vehicle wraps and banners for the organisation on an ongoing basis.  For example, when creating wraps for individual teams using HP printing technology in conjunction with media from 3M, the company produces up to 10 prints per car, per race due to the high-risk potential for damage. Beyond Digital Imaging showcased an example of its work with NASCAR Canada at the 2009 Auto Show in Toronto, where auto enthusiasts were able to see first-hand the cars wrapped by Beyond Digital Imaging and powered by HP technology. The wraps were produced using HP's Designjet L65500 printer.

In late 2008, Beyond Digital Imaging wanted to find a new printing solution that offered outdoor and indoor application versatility with print-quality and display permanence comparable to low-solvent printers. It also wanted to reduce the impact of printing on the environment, improve production turnaround time and boost productivity.  A long-time HP customer, the company selected the six-colour HP Designjet L65500 printing system featuring HP Latex Inks.

"This Latex printer from HP offers very high print quality and offered environmentally friendly ink with no odour. The prints now approach photographic quality," says Larry Chan, president, Beyond Digital Imaging. "The colour produced is absolutely brilliant. It's vibrant and UV resistant for both indoor and outdoor use without lamination or coating. The HP Designjet L65500 is able to produce the most vibrant, rock-solid vehicle wraps for customers like NASCAR Canada."

With the HP Designjet L65500, Beyond Digital Imaging is able to print rich, saturated colours and deliver applications that impress, from outdoor banners to POP displays. HP Latex prints provide many of the benefits of solvent-ink technology without imposing typical environmental, health and safety considerations. Odourless prints1 produced with HP Latex Inks emit extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds. There is no special ventilation required to meet occupational exposure limits and there are no requirements for air discharge permitting2, facilitating an improved printing environment. HP Latex Inks also achieve up to three years display permanence un-laminated, five years laminated and provide scratch, smudge, and water resistance compared to low solvent inks.

The HP Designjet L65500 has helped to improve the work environment for Beyond Digital Imaging's staff. "We have one of the best ventilation systems available but despite best efforts, solvent ink and smell are heavy at times when a few of the solvent printers are on," says Chan. "With the Designjet L65500, there is no smell and no extra ventilation required, which helps to improve overall working conditions."

Since installing the HP Designjet L65500, the company has been able to secure new business opportunities by offering new applications.  It is using HP's technology to develop large building wraps, wrap race cars and print numerous retail campaigns on short notice. The company also prints lenticular 3D projects, a multi-step process consisting of creating a lenticular image from at least two existing images to create various frames of animation for a motion effect.

Beyond L65500

For example, one of the company's recent projects with the HP Designjet L65500 required a sizable back lit "earth" image printed for a high end clothing retail customer in New York. Various printers in both the US and Canada had tried and could not meet the customer's expectations when it came to quality. It used the HP Designjet L65500 to provide a level of print quality that wasn't possible before - a key selling feature for new and existing customers.

Beyond Digital Imaging is also using the HP Designjet L65500 to wrap a series of vehicles and an interactive tractor and trailer to support the 2010 Winter Olympics Torch run which is travelling across Canada.

"We've been able to generate new business as a result of installing the L65500," says Chan. "In the area of vehicle graphics, this printer provides some stunning results that have 'awed' quite a few of our existing customers…and we always tell people the environmental benefits of the printer and our customers seem happy about it. I think they are happy they are getting the quality and price they are looking for, and that it is environmentally friendly."

With a total of 15 other HP printing systems, the company now has a full range of graphic capabilities including the HP Scitex TJ8550, the HP Scitex XL1500 and other HP Designjet printer models.

"HP is a rock solid company with the fullest range of digital print technologies than any other print manufacturer," says Chan. "They also have a very professional and knowledgeable staff to support any difficulties or concerns we may have."

Epson Inkjet Inspires Display Creativity at Fespa Digital 2010

Epson Gs

'Inspired creativity' is Epson's theme at FESPA Munich (22-26 June 2010) where it will show the ability of its Micro Piezo digital inkjet technology to produce innovative display graphics for the signage, decorative art and interior design markets on a variety of flexible paper, plastic and textile materials.

The award-winning Epson Stylus Pro 9700 and 7700 inkjet printers will be in action demonstrating point of sale applications such as posters, backlight panels and textile banners, as well as CAD/ GIS applications, in association with Epson's strategic software partners.  The stand highlight will be the 64in Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 printer featuring UltraChrome GS ink demonstrating a number of different indoor and outdoor applications, including interior decoration.

Epson's focus on environmentally responsible technologies is a strong feature at FESPA. BioMedia, a new biodegradable and recyclable print media, will be demonstrated on the GS6000 producing display graphics which biodegrade in under 5 years. BioMedia is a complete range of printing substrates and is quickly becoming the substrate of choice for organisations adopting environmentally responsible display print, including Virgin Atlantic, BAA and World Duty Free.

Inspired by Epson's passion for extreme colour gamut and photographic print quality, the GS6000 uses the high-performance Ultrachrome®GS ink technology. This new ink allows commercial print makers to integrate safer signage printing technology without sacrificing output quality. Epson UltraChrome GS introduces eight individual colours - including Orange and Green - in efficient 950 ml cartridges and produces an exceptionally wide colour gamut making the Stylus Pro GS6000 ideal for branded applications. It delivers virtually odorless printing without the need for special ventilation or air purification systems and the ink dries extremely fast, eliminating the need for special dryers. Furthermore, this ink does not contain harmful Nickel compounds, which minimizes the negative health impact on both the environment and employees. This inkset allows the production of high-impact, high quality durable prints, enabling printers, copy shops and sign shops to extend their business into higher quality and more demanding applications such as airport and exhibition graphics.

On the Epson booth several third-party software and media partners will demonstrate a range of creative applications and effects using a wide selection of materials including wallpaper, textile, canvas, and biodegradable substrates.

Claes Jeppsson, Senior Business Manager, LFP and LFP Solutions, Epson Europe says: "Companies are increasingly looking to push the boundaries of digital inkjet and produce ever more creative applications with high environmental credentials and Epson meets this need with a range of highly flexible and market-leading inkjet printers that can produce the best quality products for the display, decorative art and interior design markets."

Epson Europe looks forward to welcoming you to FESPA Digital 2010 at booth 360 in hall B2 at Messe Munich on 22-26 June 2010, where you will have the opportunity for an in-depth look at these new technologies and products.

Print Research International forms to help businesses adapt to a changing world

Pr Int

Former St Ives technical director John Charnock has founded Print Research International, a one-stop knowledge base for the printing industry. Print Research International is the access point to a global network of experts and consultants, all specialists in their disciplines, and offers business management and consultancy to help printers, manufacturers and organisations worldwide, adapt to and profit from the changing face of the international graphic arts industry.

"I have spent many years seeking out the best technology and the right people to implement it, and I intend to keep on doing so," says Charnock. "It helped make St Ives a market leader and I am sure it can help other companies and organisations to be leaders in their fields. It's about business process change and positioning print to achieve greater value and applies to both print technology manufacturers and printers."

The aim of Print Research International is to help businesses adapt to the changing landscape of print through research, knowledge and leadership. It offers businesses access to a wide range of skills and partnerships to help them implement new business strategies. It also has links and resources in universities and research bodies which can facilitate product re-engineering, aid market knowledge and help companies stand out from their competitors.

Print Research International has a global remit and is currently working with companies in North America and Europe. A business review is available in order for Print Research International to assess the best course of action and recommend the right people to add the most value to an organisation. It emphasises the importance of high-quality and high-value knowledge and leadership to achieve the best possible results. "The companies we help have to see a return on their investment," says Charnock. "If we don't add the value and demonstrate the benefit that we promise, then we won't charge."

Print Research International's specialist partners work together in a system of business review which is based on six principles of business:

  • Pr-international: Territory and market
  • Pr-intelligence: Information management and research
  • Pr-integration: Effective production and automation
  • Pr-internal: Resources and business continuity, products and services
  • Pr-interface: Communication, logistics and administration
  • Pr-intuition: Leadership, vision and culture

"There are some great minds out there and we have some great partners," says Charnock. "By bringing them together everyone benefits."

Hampshire Flag Helps Arctic Adventurer Warm Up for Charity Race

Sheppard Image

One of the UK’s leading flag manufacturers is supporting one man’s attempt to complete a challenging race across the North Pole and raise £30k for a children’s bereavement charity.

Kevin Sheppard is undertaking the 350 mile race across the High Arctic to the Magnetic North in April and Hampshire Flag Company has donated three flags to help raise awareness of Winston’s Wish and for Kevin to take on the expedition.

The 39 year old from Gloucestershire is one of only 42 taking part in the High Arctic Race which will see Kevin battle against extreme dangers such as falling through thin ice, hypothermia and polar bears – all at temperatures of around minus 40 degrees.

Hampshire Flag is backing Kevin by providing three bespoke 68x38cm flags; two featuring the Team Sheppard/Winston’s Wish logos and one for another of Kevin’s sponsors, R&H Interiors, which won a competition to have its logo printed on a flag and taken to the North Pole.

Kevin lost his brother 26 years ago, due to a motorbike accident, when he was just 13 so Winston’s Wish, a leading authority in childhood bereavement, is a charity close to his heart.

He said, “When a child suffers the loss of a loved one, it has a devastating effect and my supporting Winston’s Wish I want to ensure that as many grieving children as possible are given the professional help they need so they can face the future.”

Also Kevin aims to inspire young children from all backgrounds to achieve their own aspirations, goals and ambitions through Team Sheppard.

“This mission will push my endurance to the test and I am delighted to have Hampshire Flag on board. The flags are fantastic and will be an invaluable source of inspiration and motivation during the race. I am very grateful to Hampshire Flag for its generosity and willingness to support me in my ultimate aims,” Kevin added.

Graham Wilkinson, Managing Director of the multi-award winning firm said, “We are proud to be part of this incredible challenge and it is awe-inspiring to think that are flags will soon be in the Arctic!”

“Kevin really is going to the ends of the earth to help bereaved children. It is our pleasure to be able to help by donating flags and the Hampshire Flag team wishes him all the luck in the world for the coming expedition,” added Graham.

Hampshire Flag’s team of 21 produces hand-sewn national and international flags and digitally printed banners. The Waterlooville firm also offers a bespoke flag design service, PVC banners, marine flags, bunting, table flags, exhibition graphics and event systems in addition to the supply and installation an extensive range of flagpoles.

Its prestigious portfolio of clients includes Selfridges, the BBC, Channel 4, Portsmouth Football Club, IBM and British Airways. Hampshire Flag supports various charities and expeditions including Action for Kids, Samaritans, Gumboots and for swimmer and environmentalist Lewis Pugh’s on-going feats.