be.tex Blackback Zebra FR now also available in 5-meter width

be.tex Blackback Zebra FR - now also available in 5-meter width.

Previously only available in 3.20 metres, now also available in 5.05 metres - a white-front and black-blacked blockout material, paired with brilliant colours and print vibrancy.

Our blackout textile has a bright-white finish, an extra-soft feel and is virtually crease-free . Add to this a scratch-resistant black back and excellent handling in the calender, which makes our be.tex Blackback Zebra FR a real "work-horse" for high-volume production.

Due to the good elasticity, it is particularly good for fitting into very large keder frames - especially important for our new 5.05 metre material.

be.tex Blackback Zebra FR is suitable for UV, latex, direct and transfer sublimation printing. The Colour Boost coating on the pure white front side allows you to create brilliant colours – making every print vibrant. This textile can also be carefully folded.

So, if you are looking for a blackout material with a classy black back up to 5 metres width, that produces outstanding print results, is easy to process and offers a great price/performance ratio then our be.tex Blackback Zebra FR is the right choice.

Material: 100 % polyester / knitted
Width: 320 / 505 cm
Weight: approx. 265 g/m²
Stretch: length: < 1 % width: < 1 %
Thickness: 380 μm
Transmission: approx. < 1 %
L*a*b*- Whitepoint: approx. 90.2*3*-11.2
Calender: 195 °C / 42 sec
Shrinkage 320 cm material: length: < 2 %, width: < 2 %
Shrinkage 505 cm Material: length: < 4 %, width: < 4 %