Colorific Ink combines with Tech8’s service to provide comfort factor for new users


Tech8 Warranty Cover for Colorific Ink

Owners of established printing machines wanting to swap to after-market inks can now make the move to Colorific’s high quality family of solvent-based products without having the worry of making the change-over. In conjunction with Tech8, all customers opting for the ink supplier’s low-cost yet superior alternatives to original formulations can now have the transition taken care of by specially trained engineers, with the knowledge that full installation and ongoing support will be provided.

Colorific’s growing ink families offer cost-effective compatibility with Roland, Seiko I Infotech, Mimaki, Mutoh and HP Designjet 9000 wide-format machines. Many existing printer models can be changed to Colorific on the fly, and this max and match ability means that no flushing out or special treatment is needed before switching brands.

“Colorific’s quality, reliability and price quash the negative rumours that constantly abound about alternative ink options, but we appreciate that some companies are still nervous about making the transition,” explains Shaun Holdom, business manager for Colorific at IGS UK. “This is why we’re offering the services of a team of experienced technical engineers who can make the change-over, giving printer users a built-in comfort factor.

“In today’s continuing tough economy no-one wants to experience down-time when moving to a third-party ink supplier, and our products are guaranteed and warranted accordingly,” Holdom continues. “Changing to Colorific also means that many older printing machines don’t need to be retired simply because their original inks are no longer available. We can add years of life expectancy and productivity onto this equipment.”

In order for inks to comply with Colorific’s strict quality criteria, all products are tested for reliability, compatibility, colour gamut and accuracy across different machines and materials. Users of these products can also benefit from the Colourgreen initiative which is designed to simplify the legal implications of working with solvent-based chemistries by offering a free recycling service.

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