27 Sep 2021

InkTec Europe maintains ink prices for 2021

Streamlining production processes results in InkTec Europe maintaining ink prices for 2021.

While many industries and sectors are facing price increases as a result of the double impact of Covid-19 and Brexit, InkTec Europe are committing to maintain their ink prices.

Their headquarters in South Korea has used the last 12 – 18 months to review and prioritise production efficiencies, resulting in a streamlining of the manufacturing processes. The result of which is there are no planned increases in ink prices for the foreseeable future.

With everything going on, InkTec Europe have obviously been impacted by raw material costs just like other manufacturers. However, by being able to consolidate their production approach, they decided to absorb these additional costs to support their customers and help them recover as everyone emerges from the pandemic. The feeling was that it was important to try to limit price increases on essential materials like inks, when many are struggling to move forwards.

As Peter Davidson, Head of IP Consumables at InkTec Europe says: “This may be a surprise to the market; however, it has been warmly welcomed by our customers who are already under immense business pressures. Our priority during these times has been to support our customers and this has proved particularly important for those needing a consistent ink supply.”

He continues; “In fact, we have managed to remain operational through-out and as businesses are returning to capacity are seeing an increasing demand for aqueous inks. This is being driven by businesses seeking more ecological print solutions with the growth of dye sublimation and pigmented aqueous ink sales.”

As Joey Kim, Managing Director of InkTec Europe highlights; “Unlike other manufacturers who may outsource inks and related parts; InkTec’s South Korean research, development and production plant uses our own technology and vast experience in the large format arena. This control has enabled us to tightly manage the processes and associated costs over the last year, which is why we are keen to ensure that this equally does not affect our ink pricing structure.”