21 Jul 2024

Nazdar highlights ink solutions at the SGIA Expo 2018

Nazdar Ink Technologies will present a range of inks at SGIA Expo 2018.

Nazdar Ink Technologies will once more be a key exhibitor at SGIA Expo, taking place between 18th and 20th October 2018 in Las Vegas, USA. The event brings together professionals from across the speciality and wide-format printing markets and welcomes delegates from around the world.

Stationed at distributor Nazdar SourceOne's booth #2941, the leading alternative ink brand will focus on some of its key products including Nazdar 184 Series, 203 Series, 702 Series, 703 Series, 705 Series and 730 Series inkjet inks; alongside Nazdar 710 Series inks for UV/LED applications. Additionally, the company will showcase its new Nazdar 2800 Series inks for durable screen-printed graphics and the Nazdar 2300 Series UV/LED screen inks. Every ink in Nazdar's range has been developed to provide prints that equal or surpass the quality and reliability of OEM inks but at a lower price point.

Nazdar 184 Series inks for Mimaki printers:

Nazdar 184 Series inks have been developed as an alternative to the Mimaki BS4 inks and are fully compatible with Mimaki JV/CVJ150 and JV/CJV300 inkjet printers. Closely colour matched and chemically compatible with the OEM inks, Nazdar 184 Series inks can be switched one colour at a time - this saves both time and money as there is no need to perform wasteful ink fill procedures or dispose of unused ink.

Nazdar 203 Series inks for Roland printers:

Nazdar 203 Series inks have been formulated as a quality alternative to Roland Eco Max 3 inks and sit alongside Nazdar's well-established alternatives to the Roland Eco Sol and Eco Sol Max 2 inks-sets, the Nazdar 2000 Series and Nazdar 202 Series respectively. Specifically developed to provide ease of use while handling the demands of faster print speeds, Nazdar 203 Series inks not only offer convenience and performance but also great value.

Nazdar 702/703 Series UV inkjet inks:

Nazdar's 702 and 703 Series inks have been formulated for the UV inkjet market. Designed for use in Océ Arizona printers using IJC256 inks (702 Series), and Fujifilm Acuity printers running the KI Series inks (703 Series), these inks offer exceptional compatibility, quality, and cost effectiveness, combined with a seamless conversion process. Closely colour matched and chemically compatible with the OEM inks, users can save both time and money by switching one colour at a time. Flushing, purging, or re-profiling is not necessary when transitioning to Nazdar 702 or 703 Series due to the accurate colour reproduction capabilities of the ink set.

Nazdar 705 Series inkjet inks:

This plug-and-play inkjet ink is designed for use with HP FB500 and 700 printers as a direct replacement for HP 250 Series inks. Users should expect a seamless conversion process with no need to flush, purge, or re-profile, allowing accurate colour-matching and machine compatibility at a lower price point than the OEM inks - without any loss of quality. The Nazdar 705 Series is suitable for a variety of graphics materials including acrylics, vinyl banners, window cling, foam board, and styrene.

Nazdar 730 Series inkjet inks:

POP displays, graphics, and banners requiring excellent adhesion properties and precise colour replication will benefit from Nazdar 730 Series UV inkjet ink. Exceptionally versatile and reliable against chipping on both rigid and flexible materials, the inks offer vibrant, robust colour-density on a range of substrates, including non-digital grade acrylics, fluted polypropylene, and all typical POP substrates.

Nazdar 710 Series for UV/LED:

With low-odour ingredients and designed to cure LED as well as conventional UV, the 710 Series inks offer the ultimate in flexibility and adhesion, making them perfect for both flexible materials as well as rigid materials that require router or die cutting. This ink series includes in its adhesion gamut all general POP substrates, as well as acrylics and fluted polypropylene.

Nazdar 2800 Series durable graphic screen inks:

An expert in screen printing inks, Nazdar will also be debuting the new Nazdar 2800 Series Durable Graphic Screen ink. One of the first dual-cure UV/UV-LED inks specifically formulated for the durable decal market, 2800 Series offers excellent adhesion on vinyl and print-treated polyesters and boasts 4-year outdoor durability without an overprint. The 2800 Series exhibits excellent chemical resistance, accepts premask, and thermal die-cuts without edge chipping. Five-year outdoor durability can be achieved by overprinting with Nazdar 2829 Durable Overprint Clear.

Nazdar 2300 UV LED screen inks:

Nazdar will also be presenting its 2300 UV LED Screen Inks. This series, developed for the container market, is perfect for printing on various glass and plastic bottles used in the packaging of cosmetics, household chemicals and other similar applications, while offering energy savings and a smaller environmental footprint. Nazdar 3500 Series and 3529/3539 Screen Inks, also on display, are designed for long-term outdoor durability on premium pressure-sensitive vinyl films.


Finally, Nazdar will be taking questions for its InkAnswers program from visitors at the SGIA Expo. With the best technical support in the industry, Nazdar's InkAnswers service helps printers worldwide find solutions to their ink needs.

With a team of 30+ ink technicians, scientists, and industry consultants, the InkAnswers group fields questions from multiple print applications - including digital inkjet, graphic screen, narrow web, pad printing and more - and delivers a prompt response providing information and advice.

SGIA Expo 2018 takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 18th to 20th 2018. With more than 550 exhibitors, there will be plenty of opportunities to network and see new products. For more information, please visit www.sgia.org/expo/2018

For more information on Nazdar and its comprehensive range of ink solutions, please visit www.nazdar.com.