21 Jul 2024

Nazdar Ink announces new Primers for Indigo printing

Nazdar Ink Technologies announces new Primers for Indigo printing.

Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced new Primers for Indigo printing.

Nazdar NSC91 and NSC92 are designed to be applied to uncoated plastic films to give them a receptive surface for Indigo offset printing inks.

NSC91 Solvent-based Roller Coat Clear features 12.5% solids, and NSC92 Solvent-Based Screen Printable Clear features 17% solids. For more specifications, please review each product's Technical Data Sheet.

Both products are press ready and available through Nazdar's worldwide distribution network. To find your local dealer, please visit the Nazdar website or email NazdarOrders@nazdar.com.

For questions concerning this product or any other screen printing, inkjet, or narrow web inks/coating applications, visit Nazdar's website Technical Support page (http://www.nazdar.com/en-us/inkanswers) or email: InkAnswers@nazdar.com.

For more information on Nazdar and its comprehensive range of ink solutions, please visit www.nazdar.com.