25 Jun 2024

Poster printer speeds up production with Nazdar LWU770 ink

R+R Ltd has reduced the delivery time of its poster products from a week to just a matter of days since it began using Nazdar LWU770 UV LED ink on its Handtop HT3116UV.

Hungarian poster printing company R+R Ltd has significantly sped up its production process and drastically reduced delivery times to customers since it began using Nazdar LWU770 UV LED inks on a new printer.

R+R Ltd installed its Handtop HT3116UV flatbed printer with Kyocera printheads, configured as 2xCMYK white and varnish, three months ago in order to become faster and more responsive to customer demand.

The Handtop HT3116UV has a maximum resolution of 1200x1200dpi and a working resolution of 498x600dpi and is capable of print speeds of up to 180sq m/h, meaning R+R Ltd required an ink that could cope with such high operational demands.

R+R Ltd contacted Color Poster, the Hungarian distributor for Handtop, for assistance on selecting a printer and an ink that would ensure excellent levels of performance and print quality. Color Poster recommended the Handtop HT3116UV with Nazdar LWU770 inks as the ideal solution.

"The pressure was on from the start," said Laszlo Kubovics, Managing Director at Color Poster. "We were aware of the pending work at R+R Ltd, and both the printer and the inks had to work straight out of the box."

With time of the essence, inks were flown from Shawnee USA by Nazdar to meet the installation deadline of the printer, and within a week of arrival, everything was up and running, with print being produced for resale almost instantly.

Since it started running the Nazdar LWU770 inks on the Handtop printer, R+R Ltd has experienced a marked improvement in production. Delivery times have been slashed from one week to just one or two days, while since the machine started operating, R+R has been able to print 12,000 sq.m. of printing without the loss of a single nozzle.

What made this project even more remarkable was that this was the first time Nazdar LWU770 inks had been used on a flatbed machine with Kyocera printheads. The inks have proved incredibly successful on existing conversions with roll-to-roll printers with Kyocera heads, but had previously not been tested on flatbed setups.

Josh Lutz, Market Segment Manager for UV Digital at Nazdar, comments: "We thank Color Poster, R&R Ltd and our partners globally for the confidence in our abilities, as well as our channels to market as ink solutions providers. We were always confident that the inks would work on the flatbed printer and it's great to see a full circle of success and partnership."

Color Poster's Laszlo Kubovics adds: "Over the last five years we have installed several Handtop printers in Hungary using Nazdar's LWU710 UV LED ink for Ricoh printheads, so I was pretty confident that Nazdar could pull off the Kyocera challenge.

"I am hoping that the success of the Color Poster, Handtop, Nazdar and R+R Ltd combination will make other companies both inside and outside Hungary sit up and take notice."

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