The Colour Crew 'Streamlines' its ink system with Sun Chemical

Sun Inks

Based in Milton Keynes, The Colour Crew is a relatively small screen and digital print business specialising in Point of Sale (POS) and outdoor advertising, as well as the production of banners, pop ups and floor graphics for exhibitions.

Working on a number of high profile accounts, The Colour Crew’s mix of production facilities allows it to offer its clients optimum solutions in terms of quality and cost within this competitive and demanding industry.

The search for an ink partner

Since 2006, The Colour Crew has been successfully making the transition from screen to digital print, and as a result, the company is gaining momentum within the market. Over the past few years, the industry has become more and more competitive, in part due to the reduction of ink costs within the digital sector. To retain its competitive position, The Colour Crew invested time and resource to find the best ink system to meet the needs and volume of the digital print business.

In his search for an alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) inks to enable his business to compete in the industry, Nick Goodall, The Colour Crew's general manager said, “I couldn’t find a suitable system that provided The Colour Crew with the quality needed, at a reasonable cost.”

He continued, “I haven’t used OEM inks for two and a half years because of the costs involved. We also had an issue with blocked print heads with our previous system which increased the amount of down time. Cleaning and replacing them was a significant cost to the business.”

The Colour Crew was introduced to the new Streamline ink system and subsequent beta testing by AD Colour, Sun Chemical’s key Streamline distributor and development partner in the South East of England.

Meeting Expectations

When Sun Chemical offered The Colour Crew the opportunity to take part in the beta testing scheme for the Streamline Ultima HPQ, Nick was very keen to trial the new ink system.

Nick concludes, “We’ve had a very positive experience with Ultima HPQ - no problems at all! The ink does what it says; it dries quickly, works well as a replacement to the OEM inks and is competitively priced.  We are very happy with Sun Chemical’s Streamline product - the quality and performance of the ink system is exceptional. We look forward to a fruitful and efficient relationship with AD Colour and Sun Chemical.”