27 Jan 2020

Sun Chemical to increase prices on inks and consumables in North America


Faced with continued increases in the costs of raw materials and volatility in the global supply chain, Sun Chemical will raise prices on February 1, 2011 in North America by:

  • $0.14 per pound for sheetfed blending bases
  • $0.10 per pound for sheetfed blacks, whites and varnishes
  • $0.12 per pound for heatset process black and colour inks
  • $0.07 per pound for solvent-based liquid inks
  • $0.10 per pound for all white liquid inks
  • 5 percent for screen inks
  • 8-12 percent for heatset Pantone Matching Systems(PMS), fluorescent, metallic inks and overprint varnishes
  • 5-10 percent for silicones and washes, and
  • 5 percent for fountain solutions. 

For over two years, raw materials cost and supply instability have significantly impacted the ink industry. Non-traditional factors that began early in 2010 to impact the price of major feedstocks and raw materials continue, including: supply base consolidation and capacity curtailment, significant decline in refinery margins, and rationalised operating rates to meet diminished demand. The combination of these factors has led to the elevated costs on such raw materials as TiO2, rosin and polyamide resins, nitrocellulose, and many more.
"In some cases, such as for TiO2, we have seen the global capacity reduced by as much as 10 percent in three years, demand driven up, and raw materials for manufacturing TiO2 become tight," said Tony Renzi, Vice President of Product Management, Liquid Inks, North American Inks, Sun Chemical. "These factors have resulted in an increase in this raw material pricing of 15 percent in 2010 with another 8 percent increase announced for January 1, 2011. With the market's continued tightness, TiO2 is forecasted to increase another 6-8 percent quarterly in 2011. Factors like these for TiO2 and other raw materials have made it difficult to offset the rising raw material costs and unfortunately has forced us to pass some of these costs on to our customers."
"At Sun Chemical, we have worked and continue to work extremely hard to control our own costs as well as work closely with our supply chain partners to curtail cost, but it has not been enough to offset the drastic raw material price increases we have seen this past year across all our product lines," said Charles Murray, President, North American Inks, Sun Chemical. "We will continue to work closely with our customers to help them get the most possible out of their inks, and to develop new value oriented products and services that can help them grow their business despite this challenging marketplace."

Toyo Ink Acquires Additional Shares of Sakata INX


Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd., primarily known in the LFP industry as the provider of OEM inks to a number of Japanese large format printer manufacturers, have announced that following a resolution, it has acquired an additional interest in Sakata INX Corporation, with whom Toyo Ink has capital and business ties.

Sakata INX themselves have previously been on the acquisition trail, having acquired or created joint ventures with alternative ink manufacturers Triangle and Megaink.

The acquisition was made on Dec. 10, 2010, with Toyo Ink acquiring 3 million shares of Sakata INX stock. The number of shares Toyo Ink held before acquisition was 7,536,000 shares, or 12.04 percent. Toyo Ink now holds 10,536,000 shares, or 16.83 percent.

Roland metallic silver ECO-SOL MAX ink wins Viscom Best of 2010 Award

Ecosol Max

Roland DGA Corp. has announced that the company's Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink received the Best of 2010 Award at Viscom Frankfurt, held recently in Germany.

The award follows several prestigious industry honours for Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink including EDP and DPI awards.  It also recognises the innovative technology behind VersaCAMM VS and SOLJET PRO III XC-540MT wide-format inkjet printer/cutters and Roland VersaWorks RIP software which together optimise the ink's performance across a wide range of media and applications.

"All of us at Roland are honoured to receive this award," said Rick Scrimger, vice president and general manager of Roland DGA Corp.  "Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink allows Roland customers to differentiate their businesses by adding dramatic effects and premium value to graphics.  Users can print thousands of metallic and pearlescent colors for custom signs, banners, photographic reproductions, window graphics, posters, POP, labels, decals, decorated apparel, vehicle graphics and wraps of all kinds."

Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink is the industry's first metallic silver eco-solvent ink and produces metallic graphics previously only possible through screen printing, offset printing and hot stamping processes.  To meet a variety of business demands, Roland's metallic inkjet line includes 64," 54" and 42" VersaCAMM VS models and the 54" SOLJET XC-540MT.  VersaWorks RIP software is included in all models and features the Roland Metallic Color Library of 512 metallic spot colors.

Sepiax Ink Technology moves to new headquarters.

New Sepiax Hq

Sepiax Ink Technology, a member of the Gernot Langes-Swarovski Group and maker of the world's first digital print-on-anything water based, resin, inks, is moving its HQ to new premises in Austria.

To cope with increased demand for visits from dealers, equipment manufacturers and industrial clients, Sepiax has moved to new premises in Klagenfurt, Austria. This not only gives a larger premises for customer visits, but also moves Sepiax in amongst the hi-tech environment of the Lakeside Science & Technology Park in the campus of Klagenfurt University.

This science park is home to many "green" companies, with a focus on ecologically-sound, sustainable, products, designed to show a respect for our global environment. This location is perfectly in tune with the Sepiax business ethic.

Franz Aigner, managing director, says "We are excited by this move, it really takes us into a new and exciting location, with an academic history, and alongside fellow companies using high technology to benefit the environment. This, in conjunction with it being a beautiful place to work, with a view of Lake Wörthersee, and being close to Klagenfurt Airport, makes it a great place for our partners to visit."

InkTec Europe launches brand new website with iPOD competition

Inktec Logo

Leading ink manufacturer InkTec Europe has launched a brand new website to provide information on InkTec’s range of large format consumable products. The site, www.inktec-europe.com is customer-focused and designed to give the consumer all the product and technical information they may need, as well as the chance to keep up-to-date with all the latest news and products from InkTec.

Marketing Manager Tristan Park says, “The website is designed to be a one-stop shop for current and potential InkTec consumers to quickly find out any relevant product information they require. InkTec ink users will soon also be able to download free ICC colour profiles from the database that we are currently building.”

The site is now live and to celebrate the launch, InkTec Europe is giving away one IPOD TOUCH and three IPOD NANO’S to the winning names which are drawn from their free-to-enter competition on December 3rd.

To enter the competition, simply visit the site: www.inktec-europe.com and follow the instructions. But be quick as the competition closes on December 3rd.

Third generation mild solvent ink set from Mutoh

Wide format inkjet printer manufacturer Mutoh Belgium nv announces immediate availability of a new set of CMYK mild solvent inks, called MS Ultra, for its Blizzard, Spitfire 65/90 Extreme and Spitfire 100 Extreme printers.  This third generation Mutoh mild solvent ink will increase productivity through more efficient printing.
“Our new MS Ultra inks have been tuned specifically to our Spitfire Extreme and Blizzard printer families, offering the highest level of image quality and printer reliability”, comments Arthur Vanhoutte, President of Mutoh’s European Operations.
“They offer excellent stability and ensure uninterrupted printing for extended periods.  Compared to our existing Mild Solvent and Mild Solvent Plus inks, the new MS Ultra inks will provide printer users an even wider media compatibility and a higher performance in number of square metres printed per hour.  They also have a longer shelf life (18 months), require less maintenance - once a week - and last but not least, do not require daily printing, as typically is the case when using mild solvent inks.  The new inks are available for both new printers and for installed-base printer users”, Vanhoutte concludes.
The new MS Ultra cyclohexanone and NMP free inks are offered in safe and easy to use 440 ml ink cassettes and bulk ink bottles of 1 litre.  For typical sign images (720 x 720 dpi) with an ink coverage of 67 %, ink cost amounts to 0.92 €/m² .  The inks are suited for indoor and outdoor commercial print applications.  Outdoor UV durability is rated up to 3 years, without lamination. For heavy-duty applications involving mechanical stress, lamination is recommended.
Using a unique ink chemistry controlling the drop size on the media, the Mutoh MS Ultra ink offers a wide media compatibility across the broadest range of self adhesives as well as other flexible substrates.  MS Ultra will give photorealistic prints as the printed dots will have perfect dot quality, even at the highest carriage speeds.  The inks offer an excellent colour gamut and gloss preservation.  Typical high quality banding-free production speeds of up to 16.5 m²/h (Spitfire Extreme 65); 36 m²/h (Blizzard 65) and 42 m²/h (Spitfire 100 Extreme) can be obtained.
The new MS Ultra inks will be marketed all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa through Mutoh’s network of authorised resellers.
Mutoh’s Bulk Ink Refill System (BIS)
The MS Ultra 1 litre ink bottles can be used in combination with Mutoh’s bulk ink system (BIS).  Mutoh’s BIS system was developed for speed-intensive, volume oriented users requiring a high-volume ink delivery and refill system.  The bulk ink system offers unattended printing options along with minimum user intervention (easy to refill, even during printing).
Each bottle can provide 1.2 litres of ink to the bulk feed cassette before requiring a refill.  Each bulk feed cassette incorporates a floater level adjustment to accurately set the proper ink fluid pressure to the print head.
Mutoh’s ink refill system can be easily mounted on top of the printer.  No extra footprint is required.  As such, the system will save space and will not disturb the operator during the print jobs.
Mutoh’s i² Intelligent Interweaving (i²) Technology
Dedicated “print weaves” for the new MS Ultra inks have been integrated in the Spitfire and Blizzard printer firmware to deliver impeccable print results all the time.  Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving technology delivers a drastic reduction or even total elimination of horizontal banding, step mismatch banding and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles.  The result is a consistent and predictable output quality.  Moreover, Mutoh’s award-winning and so far unrivalled i² print technology will avoid trial and error printing and therefore reduce media waste.