03 Aug 2021

INX Digital Attracts a Crowd at ISA Expo


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INX Digital International Co. officials expected to draw attention to their booth during the ISA International Sign Expo, an d they did. Attendance for the event was up and so was the attitude of booth visitors who were looking for new ink products. Visitors to the April 8-10, 2010 show left the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL impressed by what they learned of the new Silver ink, as well as BIOe technology, the alternative ink market and the new Fiber-Frame poster system.


“Attendance at ISA 2010 showed a dramatic increase and the enthusiasm carried over all three days of the show,” said Ken Kisner, president of INX Digital Americas. “We experienced a significant amount of interest from people again interested in purchasing new pieces of machinery. It was a welcome rebound from a year ago where the interest was significantly less.

“Customers also visited our booth to look for solutions with our inks. The launch of our T81 and T83 water based products, the Color Compatible MLD Magenta inks, and the newly formulated HPS series for HP and Seiko printers was very successful. We also had a very good response to our new partner program from our dealers in North America where we formalized 60 new dealer locations. Overall, it was a strong show where we received immediate feedback on our new ink product launches, our parts program and technology showcase items that have since resulted in new customer orders.”

The metallic Silver inkjet ink impressed attendees who saw it demonstrated on a Mimaki JV3 printer. INX Digital has partnered with Eckert and will expand the opportunity for Silver into the UV curable market this year. Mr. Kisner expects this product to make a drastic impact on the label and tag market as well as the folding carton segments of packaging.

BIOe is a new formulation from the BioINX line of sustainable ink products. It uses renewable resource content, which Mr. Kisner says is in line with INX Digital’s multi-year strategic commitment to developing more sustainable products. BIOe produces vibrant colors, high gloss, and has the ability to print at fast speeds for use with Epson print head technologies.

Mr. Kisner said the alternative market section of the booth was very active with visitors eager to learn about how the Triangle product line will include more bio renewable type products such as BIOe. INX Digital also introduced the Fiber-Frame system at ISA. This cost effective poster system replaces sagging and drooping banners with sturdy, easy-to-assemble aluminum framing. The low maintenance design is available in three sizes.


Agfa Graphics launches next generation ultra-low viscous UV inks for single pass inkjet heads

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Agfa Graphics today announced the launch of the new :Agora ink product family, designed and manufactured by Agfa Graphics. It consists of two new ink lines that are ideal for the next generation single pass "piezo" print heads offering photo-quality resolution at record-breaking speeds. These inks are compatible with major inkjet head suppliers such as the Kyocera KJ4A. The :Agora D ink family is utilised for document printing including transactional, transpromotional and newspaper printing. The :Agora G ink family is designed for general purpose printing: flexible packaging, labels, folding carton applications, shelf ready packaging, POS and specialty printing applications. These new inks are commercially available starting at IPEX 2010.

The :Agora inks are the only inks on the market that feature low viscosity, high reactivity, low evaporation rates with improved dot placement for small drop sizes (<5 pico liter). As such, these new inks are ideal for reliable printing with next-generation high-speed UV print heads on a wide variety of substrates for a numerous range of UV inkjet applications.

"Our new :Agora UV inks are designed to cure immediately, for excellent outdoor resistance and guaranteed high productivity and convertibility. They produce vibrant colours with a large colour gamut, feature excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and are low-odour. We target sales to inkjet head system integrators and their end users. Thanks to the outstanding image quality and the high speed, combined with the excellent jetting performance, the Agora ink family will open exciting innovative opportunities for our target markets. With this combination, Agfa Graphics aims at narrowing the gap between conventional and digital printing technologies", said Stefaan De Meutter, head of Ink R&D, Agfa Graphics, Industrial Inkjet Single Pass.

Demo samples will be shown on the Agfa stand at IPEX in Birmingham, UK, 18-25 May 2010.

Toyo Ink to Exhibit at IPEX 2010

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Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. will participate in IPEX 2010, the world’s largest class of technology fair for print, publishing and media, to be held in Birmingham, UK from Tuesday, May 18 through Tuesday, March 25, 2010.

The Toyo Ink Group will participate in IPEX 2010 under the main theme of “feel the evolution.”

The Group has adopted a vision of becoming “a corporate group evolving into a globally useful specialty chemical manufacturer” in its New Vision SCC2017, the long-term plan currently underway, and conducts business and corporate activities with the objective of evolving into an internationally respected, science-oriented corporate group. Participation in IPEX is positioned as part of the product and corporate promotion activities in line with this vision.

The principal theme of evolution refers to the evolutionary process of the Group. At the same time, it denotes the evolution of ink users operate with the aim of surviving and succeeding in the global printing industry, which is changing radically.

The Toyo Ink Group booth at the IPEX show will showcase products, focusing mainly on products to be distributed in Europe, including printing ink and next-generation print materials, as well as multimedia material that encompasses the printing and non-printing industries. Given that the IPEX show is a global event, the Group will provide information on products targeting the Asian and American regions.

In parallel with the product exhibition, the Group will also present specific business plans for Europe. The Europe Region of the Group has built a network of partners (agents) not only in EU countries but also in Eastern Europe and Russia. The Group plans to introduce the ways in which the products and services provided through the network will benefit the entire market.

Are ink price increases looming?

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The recent recession saw chemical manufacturers remove excess capacity, and as we now start to come out of recession and demand is again on the increase, it is widely expected that there will be short-term shortages in raw materials, with the potential for increased prices as demand outstrips supply.

One example of this is with Flint Group announcing price increases on a number of pressroom chemistry products sold in the Americas.

Increases range from 5% to 12%, depending on product line, and take effect for products shipped on or after June 1, 2010. Products include alcohol substitutes, sheetfed fountain solutions, conventional press wash, UV press wash, metering roller cleaner, film cleaners and deglazers/rejuvenators.

“A number of factors have significantly increased our raw material costs,” says Kevin Fennewald, business director, Pressroom Chemicals. “During the recent recession, major chemical manufacturers removed excess capacity. Now, with demand increasing, raw material costs are rising and supply is scarce.

“The rising cost of crude is also a key contributing factor,” continued Mr. Fennewald. “Other substantial cost increases have come from container and freight suppliers. All of these factors have affected Flint Group’s cost to manufacture and distribute pressroom chemistry products.”

Flint Group’s staff has worked hard to assure product supply and minimise the impact on customers, but the combination of economic and market factors has led to cost increases beyond what Flint Group is able to absorb.

Agfa to launch new UV low-migration inks at IPEX

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Agfa Graphics today announced the launch of the UV curable Low Migration Inks for the :Dotrix Modular LM high-speed, single-pass UV inkjet press. The unique :Agorix LM UV inks can be used for digital printing applications on primary and secondary food packaging substrates.

The new :Agorix LM UV inks use advanced photo initiator systems resulting in low odor, low migration and low set-off risks. The inks are formulated using Agfa Graphics patented Complete Cross linking Technology. Agfa manufactures :Agorix LM inks adhering to strict industry standards. As a result, users of :Dotrix Modular LM with the :Agorix LM inks will be compliant with stringent EU & FDA food packaging regulations.

:Dotrix Modular LM users, their customers and the brands that rely on their high-quality printing, will find these new inks provide excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates, have excellent light fastness characteristics and feature good converting capabilities.

"These new :Agorix LM UV inkjet inks are available in CMYK and CMYK-OV  sets. The orange and violet color stations considerably extend the color gamut offering up to with 90% reproduction of Pantone colours through the use of :Apogee ColorTune Spot and :Apogee ColorTune CMM. :Agorix LM UV inks are designed to bring cost efficiencies to short and medium run digital printing on a wide range of primary and secondary packaging substrates including multi-layer alu, aluminium, PET, PE, PP, OPP and more. UV curable inks do not contain solvents, are considered "Green Technology" and lower operating expenses by eliminating solvent recovery costs. The new :Agorix LM UV inks have a long shelf life, provide outstanding jetting performance, guaranteeing high productivity and convertibility. " said Guy Fransen, product marketing manager, Industrial Single Pass Inkjet, Agfa Graphics.

Demo samples will be printed on the Agfa stand at IPEX in Birmingham, UK, 18-25 May 2010.

Fujifilm launches WonderTack at Sign and Digital UK

Wondertack Fujifilm

Fujifilm today announces the launch of WonderTack, a solvent printable, white satin gloss polypropylene film, which adheres to smooth, flat surfaces without the use of adhesive. This cost-effective, innovative solution is the latest addition to Fujifilm’s euromedia range of flexible media for large format printing and will be launched at Sign & Digital UK (Stand G10, 13-15th April, NEC, Birmingham).

This environmentally friendly solution is very quick to print, and its ability to stick without adhesive is down to the unique, micro-porous suckers on the adhering side. The lack of adhesive gives it its ‘green’ characteristics, as well as making it reusable on multiple occasions. For example, POS graphics printed on WonderTack can be applied even by inexperienced users as it is easily repositionable and reusable. In addition, the film is also available for UV-curing and water-based systems.

Other euromedia launches

Fujifilm is also announcing the successor to its former euromedia 150g Citylight Paper. This is a transparent, satin matt paper for lightbox applications produced by solvent printing, and ensures crisp, sharp print results with a satin matt finish and perfect, cloud-free light diffusion.

The robust paper produces needle-sharp prints, which are protected from humidity, smearing, scratching and fading. The excellent colour reproduction and outstanding contrast of the printed image make this product the ideal medium for low-cost lightbox applications. Since the material is made of paper, it is also an environmentally friendly alternative to film. Lightbox Paper is available as required in 100, 300 or 600 running metres.

Finally, the euromedia BlockOut Super Heavy FR Genuine B1-certified 800 g/sqm cast banner will be launched at the show. This bulky, heavy banner material, which is used for the production of durable banners using solvent-based printing systems, is made from satin matt material with a white surface and is perfect for double-sided printing. The opaque block-out liner prevents both printed sides from showing through. Although BlockOut Super Heavy FR has all the features of a premium banner, it is available in the basic price range.

“We are delighted to be launching these three new products at Sign & Digital UK,” says Peter Bray, sales manager, euromedia. “We are confident that WonderTack will be an extremely useful and cost-effective product for our customers and their customers, filling a gap in the market. We look forward to talking to visitors at the show and gauging their reaction to these fantastic new products.”