03 Aug 2021

Mutoh Europe Introduces New Disperse Inks for Direct Printing onto Polyester Fabrics

Mutoh Viper Tx

Large format piezo inkjet printer manufacturer Mutoh Europe nv announces availability of new water based Direct Disperse inks. This new “zero harmful VOC” four-colour ink set has been specifically tuned for Mutoh’s existing direct to fabric Viper TX and Viper TX Extreme series printers. The fast drying inks offer an excellent colour gamut and nozzle stability. Application possibilities are volume production of soft signage and double sided flags.

Mutoh’s new Direct Disperse inks are an addition to its existing water based dye sublimation inks (transfer paper printing). The new direct disperse inks aim at offering polyester flag and banner printers a direct print alternative to the sublimation process, as they allow direct printing onto polyester fabric without the need for washing.

The new Mutoh Direct Disperse inks are suited for outdoor use, offering excellent washing and perspiration fastness according to applicable ISO standards. The outdoor UV durability is rated up to one year. Similar to dye sublimation inks, the new inks will require fixation via a heat source. No pressure is required to fix the inks. A pressure-free heat fixation system or a calender can be chosen for ink fixation.

Available in 1 litre bottles, the Direct Disperse inks are compatible with Mutoh’s continuous ink supply system for the Viper / Viper Extreme and Viper TX Extreme series printers, called BIS. Mutoh’s BIS has been developed for speed-intensive volume oriented users requiring a high end, high volume ink delivery and refill system offering long unattended printing capabilities along with minimum user intervention. Three models are available, i.e. a 4 bottle system and two 8 bottle systems. Each BIS ink bottle can hold up to 4.3 liters and can be refilled whilst printing.

The new Mutoh direct disperse inks will be marketed by Mutoh Europe all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa through its network of authorised Mutoh resellers.

IGS UK appointed UK distributor for Sun Chemical Streamline inks


Igs Sun

To consolidate and broaden its ink availability within the UK, Sun Chemical has appointed IGS UK as main distributor for its Streamline wide-format ink-jet formulations. The agreement will see this leading manufacturer’s portfolio grow in presence through IGS’s comprehensive reseller network, all of whom have been selected for their strong track record in sales and service.

A member of the DIC group of companies, Sun Chemical is the largest producer of printing inks and pigments in the world and its products have grown exponentially within the wide-format market. With an increasing number of printer users wanting to source their supplies independently through a reputable channel, the decision to appoint IGS as UK distributor for Streamline inks brings added value and support to existing and potential customers who want the benefits of using formulations from a renowned manufacturer.

IGS UK’s Nick Wintle comments: “Our comprehensive knowledge of the wide-format sector, coupled with the diverse range of high quality products and services we source for our sales channel, means that we are positioned perfectly to offer Sun Chemical’s inks through our network of resellers.”

“This agreement with IGS UK now means that we can extend the customer base for our digital inks, confident in the knowledge that we are working with the most experienced and competent team within the UK,” confirms Tony Cox, business manager at Sun Chemical. “The addition of Streamline products to IGS’s existing market solutions will be welcomed by existing and new users who want to benefit from our growing range of formulations for all types of wide-format ink-jet printer.”

Based in Maidenhead, having recently relocated to new, larger premises, IGS UK specialises in the wide-format industry sector and concentrates on sourcing and distributing products only from high-end manufacturers. The addition of Sun Chemical’s Streamline inks broadens the portfolio of cost-effective, reliable solutions on offer to display producers and sign-makers throughout the UK.

Further information about IGS UK and its reseller network is available by visiting www.igsuk.net/sun

Full details relating to Sun Chemical can be found at www.sunchemical.com



Trio of new inks from ITL offers an abundance of benefits

Itl Ink

Independent UK-based ink manufacturer ITL has extended its range of replacement, cost-beneficial inks for wide-format printers. The first of this trio is a dual-purpose solvent for versatile output onto both textile and vinyl substrates, the second an alternative to Mimaki's JV5 ink sets and the third a bio-solvent range. All can be supplied globally, in cartridges or in bulk feed options, representing a high quality and cost-effective option for sign-makers and display producers looking to lower costs but maintain their production standards.

The first new product, available for Epson-based solvent engines, is ITL's VTV, a dual-purpose textile and vinyl ink-jet ink in CMYK, orange and green. The formulation promises excellent results on either substrate type without the inconvenience of changing inks, and the manufacturer recommends it for improving environmentally-friendly constituents on textile and polyester-based banners. With these materials it is resistant to washing and fading especially useful for garment-printing markets, such as high-visibility clothing although it is also suitable for use on vinyl films and banner products.

Having a single ink which can meet the needs of a variety of applications at high quality whether on textile- or vinyl-based material offers the display producer an entirely new bandwidth of productivity," explains Peter Williams, ITLâ€'s sales and marketing director. "The long-term advantages of the Versatile Textile and Vinyl 'VTV' are its lack of compromise on colour intensity, machine performance and reliability, quite apart from the significant cost savings.

ITL's MS5 True Solvent is a colour-matched ink formulated to improve profitability on Mimaki's JV5 printer range, with excellent resistance to scratching, abrasion and alcohol damage. Most notably, these MS5 inks offer a wide colour gamut and strong individual colour density and brilliance, as well as 24 months' outdoor durability without fading in UV light; the printing environment is also improved due to the inks very low odour.

MS5 is available in CMYK, as well as light cyan (Lc) and light magenta (Lm). Manufactured to ISO9001-2008 quality procedures, the MS5 inks have an extended 18-month shelf-life and are classified as non-hazardous. Ease of change-over is also of particular benefit with the inks, which do not require the machine to be flushed or for new profiles to be created.

i-BiO is a new mild-solvent ink set designed for Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and Uniform machines which employ Epson's DX3 or DX4 print-heads. With users turning increasingly towards more responsible options, i-BiO's primary qualification is its use of renewable corn oil derivatives in combination with toxicologically safe solvents, resulting in improved biodegradability and production of minimal VOCs. Pure, vibrant colour output is produced consistently with i-BiO, reassuring printers of reliability and superb results.

The i-BiO range does not differentiate between substrates, allowing for photo-realistic production onto both coated and uncoated media. Unlike other biodegradable inks, no additional lamination is required for exterior use, which also increases the options for recycling post-use. i-BiO can be purchased in CMYK, Lc and Lm, orange, green, red and blue.

"Each of these releases represents an opportunity for users to incorporate a cheaper but equally viable new ink into their existing systems with a minimum of fuss in change-over, and with the reassurance of a full warranty," continues Williams. "Our cover is for full parts and labour at a fraction of the price of OEM options in the sector and are backed up by a global network of professional engineers. Further financial benefits come with the ability to buy either in cartridge or bulk form as desired, with a range of chip options."

Manufacturer and supplier of alternative small-, wide- and large-format digital ink-jet inks, ITL (Ink Technologies (UK) Ltd) was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Cheshire, in the North of England. All manufacturing and product development takes places in the UK only and the company achieved the BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standard in 2006, upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 in early 2009. Its products span a multitude of applications, including eco- and full-solvent, water-based, UV-curing and coding inks.

Five HP Scitex inks become Nordic Swan approved

Nordic Swan

Five HP Scitex inks for sign and display printing have been added to the official list of those that meet the chemical requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel (also known as Nordic Swan) for print service providers (PSPs).

PSPs that have been granted Nordic Ecolabel licensing for the production of printed matter have demonstrated that they fulfill a number of environmental requirements that make them some of the least polluting PSPs in the Nordic region printing industry.

The HP Scitex XP222 UV curable ink used by the HP Scitex XP5100, HP Scitex XP2100, HP Scitex XP5300 and the HP Scitex XP2300 Printers when used in standard mode, have been added to the list. In addition, two other UV curable inks - HP Scitex TJ200 and HP Scitex FB221, which are used respectively in the HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer and the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer, a high productivity flatbed, machine have been added.

The HP Scitex WB300 water-based ink used by the HP Scitex FB6700 Printer has also been approved. The HP Scitex PT10 and PT20 pre-treatments for this printer have also been accepted as meeting the chemical requirements or the Nordic Ecolabel for PSPs.

Furthermore, a solvent ink, HP Scitex TJ100 has also been added to the approved list. It is used with the HP Scitex TJ8350 Printer.

These inks join a range of HP Designjet-branded inks used for sign and display printing already listed by Nordic Ecolabel. These include HP786 and HP789 water-based HP Latex Inks, used respectively by the HP Designjet L65500 Printer and HP Designjet L25500 Printer, as well as HP91 water-based inks used by the HP Designjet Z6100 Printer.

HP is leading the greening of sign and display printing, with a wide range of innovations including technologies and products developed under the stringent HP Design for Environment programme, including digital signage printing solutions that can replace less efficient screen printers, inks with an improved environmental profile versus the alternatives, recyclable signage media and a growing range of take-back and recycling programmes that now include hardware and selected consumables and media in a growing number of countries.

Tech8 gives full endorsement to Alternative Inks

Tech8 Approved2

After extensive field testing across a range of Mimaki and Uniform wide-format solvent-based ink-jet printers, Tech8 has accepted Colorific inks onto its approved product programme. This brings user benefits that remove warranty issues and the opportunity for extended cover for these machine and ink combinations.

Colorific is now the second leading supplier to be granted approval by Tech8, a status only granted when the product matches warranty specifications. Already in place is support for wide-format printers using Sun Chemical’s Streamline ink series.

Available from specialist distributor, IGS UK, the Colorific products which now meet the criteria required by independent warranty specialist, Tech8, include Bio-U, Elite, Fresh and ProJ3 inks. The first three of these products are being used increasingly in Uniform Grenadier and Cadet printers whilst the ProJ3 version is growing in popularity amongst owners of Mimaki JV3 machines.

Tech8’s warranty schemes encompass most of the wide-format printers currently in use today, with manufacturers including Roland, HP, Mimaki and Mutoh’s own and private label products. Where investors in printing equipment have wanted to reduce ink costs by changing to a reliable third-party solution, existing manufacturers’ warranties are usually invalidated when an after-market alternative is used.

The approval by Tech8 of Colorific inks means that full warranty cover can be maintained, including mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Standard on-site response time is eight hours, and additional services include full installation and training on common hardware and software plus ICC colour profiling for most common RIPs.

Full details on the Tech8 service and warranty registration information is available by visiting www.tech8.eu. More information about IGS UK is available from www.igsuk.net



Not just an ink but more of a solution makes Colorific best in class


Colorific Family

The latest additions to the Colorific range of inks suitable for Roland, Mutoh and Mimaki solvent-based printers now confirm these products as being the most widely available for the most popular ranges of machines in everyday use. Available through IGS UK’s approved reseller network, these inks are produced from the highest grade chemistries, catering for users who want lower cost alternatives which meet the most demanding standards in terms of colour gamut and durability.

Since its introduction to the market as a reliable and consistent after-market range of inks, Colorific has continually grown its portfolio of solutions to encompass the majority of eco- and mild-solvent printers currently in use today. Additionally, there are products now available for the majority of machines using popular print-heads such as those from Epson, Seiko, Fujifilm Dimatix/Spectra, plus Xaar and its licensees which include Konica Minolta and Toshiba Tec.

Because the formulation of Colorific inks match or are identical to their original, more expensive counterparts, some printer models are able to switch products on the fly. This mix and match capability means that Colorific Pro versions can be used alongside original products, thus saving time and money when transferring from one to the other.

Unlike the majority of third-party inks on offer, the Colorific brand encompasses probably the most comprehensive families of solvent products on the market, with a growing portfolio of UV-curable options being added to the portfolio. Fully tested on every available printer and print-head configuration prior to availability, these inks are formulated and manufactured from the highest grade ingredients to guarantee accurate colour, consistency in use and longevity on the finished print.

For further information about Colorific inks, contact IGS UK via www.igsuk.net or visit www.colorificink.com