Gerber introduces 3M laminating adhesive 467MP and 468MP

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Gerber Scientific Products has introduced 3M Laminating Adhesive 467MP, available in two thicknesses, 2.3 mils thick (467MP) and 5.2 mils thick (468MP). Gerber is offering these laminating adhesives in response to customer feedback and requests from its Roadshow program. Both products are available in 12-inch widths, suited for application to EDGE produced decals and graphics.

3M Laminating Adhesives 467MP and 468MP compliment Gerber's LexEDGE and Static Cling applications and provide the finish step in the production of decals using the Gerber EDGE FX because of their excellent performance characteristics:

  • Clarity—they are virtually free of the vapor inclusions commonly found in the adhesives produced by the traditional solvent coating technique.
  • Temperature performance.
  • Shear strength—minimises edge lifting and slippage of parts.
  • Resistance to harsh environments—they can withstand splashes of organic solvents, weak acids, bases, salt water, cleaning solutions, germicidals, disinfectants, oils and other substances.
  • They perform well after exposure to humidity and hot/cold cycles.
  • They provide initial repositionability when bonding to plastic parts (not metal), allowing slight corrections when initial alignment is incorrect.

Gerber Scientific Products is committed to expanding their product line with new options that are tested by the material qualification process and are part of Gerber's Matched Technology System so they function seamlessly with Gerber output devices.