29 Nov 2021

A walk with Guandong in discovery of floor graphics

WE ALL FALL DOWN: A walk with Guandong in discovery of the new potentialities of floor graphics.

Walking around with our eyes glued to a smartphone is now a widespread habit, so much so that in America the `tech walk' even has a name: the `zombie walk'.

Today, more than ever before, pavements are a medium that should be seriously considered when implementing a multichannel strategy. However, this channel has more particular characteristics in respect to walls and ceilings, because it is constantly being walked on and therefore less durable.

Once again Guandong meets emerging tendencies with next generation products, developed ad hoc by its R&D department for this specific application. The company presents a range of new media supports for pavements in a special folder containing samples and technical fact sheets. Among the proposals for floor graphics are special materials that will fully satisfy the needs of even the most creative communicators: from media supports for carpeted floors, which can be applied to rugs and carpets, to print&walk materials for short life communications for events and promotions, right through to Mak Flooring, a totally non-slip surface (R13) and therefore suitable for stairs, wet pavements and humid surfaces. All materials with guaranteed performance.

For applications destined to last over a long period of time, the special anti-slip layer (R10) should be also be used to protect prints on regular self-adhesive vinyl. “The new folder dedicated to floor graphics is fruit of many months of hard work and commitment to perfecting extremely innovative media supports, which offer new levels of performance to printers and communicators who are continuously searching for technically evolved solutions for high impact messages”, explains Fabio Elmi, Guandong’s marketing director.

The new media supports for floor graphics enrich the already vast Guandong range, which includes, among other things, bestsellers for Spot Déco, like Dotty, the film designed to facilitate the application of window stickers and graphics on smooth surfaces, thereby avoiding unsightly air bubbles and creases; Wally, a glue-free adhesive with silicone dots that have small suction cups (3960 suction cups per sq.m) which attach perfectly to any surface, making it self- gripping.

Furthermore, there are recently introduced solutions like Mr. Magnus, a range of thermoplastic materials in A3 Plus format that includes adhesive and non-adhesive fabric, magnetic and ferrous, media supports. The Mr. Magnus materials stand out for their thermal resistance to temperatures over 160°, making them ideal for laser printing and UV desktop systems.