21 Sep 2021

Adapt and G-TEC collaborate for UK distribution of Touchshield

Adapt and G-Tec announce partnership for UK distribution of Touchshield.

ADAPT and G-Tec Paper & Film have announced a partnership for the distribution of Touchshield within the UK.

Touchshield is a unique range of anti-microbial protective films, recently awarded up to 93.41% protection against viruses in accordance with international standard ISO 21702.

"With a product as versatile as this, we have been seeking selected UK partners with the breadth of experience required to deliver Touchshield to every person, in every sector", commented Will Duggins G-Tec Managing Director. "Dominic Bowen and his team at ADAPT are one of those key partners who tick every box and we are very happy to have them on board."

G-Tec has worked with an independent microbiologist to test the product to ISO 21702. The technology is proven to fight thousands of bacteria strains including MRSA, Salmonella, E-Coli, Legionella and Influenza A among many other viruses. In research, G-Tec found that when introduced to Touchshield, 9/10 members of the public outside of the print industry said it was something they would use and couldn't understand why it wasn't in wider circulation.

"One of the key features of Touchshield is that its optimum balance of cost and benefit to end-users makes it a particularly attractive product to print professionals," said Duggins. "It provides the perfect balance of longevity and protection levels at the right price, meaning it can be delivered within competitive project budgets. By allowing very high levels of protection over months rather than years, print professionals can re-visit projects more frequently, maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty and increasing long-term revenue potential."

ADAPT plan to further support the print trade by producing smaller rolls and lengths from their national distribution centre in Nottingham. This will allow trade companies to consider the new innovative solution in a range of options for their own portfolios. The range of products will include the TouchShield watermark, which has been proven to instil confidence in business and public environments where consumer anxieties have increased.

"ADAPT have been in discussions for some time with G-Tec about Touchshield and we are very happy to be finally working in partnership with them on this amazing product," commented Dominic Bowen, General Manager at ADAPT. He continues, "We see this as a key partnership moving forward on what could be one of our bestselling new products this year. From our national distribution and training centre in Nottingham we will be supplying Touchshield by the roll and by the metre."

Touchshield is available now throughout the UK from ADAPT - Amari Digital Printing Technologies.