26 Oct 2021

Antalis hosts 'Open House' in Wrapped Train

antalis wrapped train

Switzerland-based Antalis recently invited its customers to an “open house” held in a wrapped train that visited seven Swiss cities. The Applicator Network of Avery Graphics™ wrapped the train using the high-quality Avery® MPI 3001 Gloss White and Avery® DOL 3100 Matt.

Antalis CH is one of the largest Swiss distributors of communications support materials and a Swiss Avery Graphics™ distributor. In May 2009, Antalis decided to give a new dimension to the concept of an open house. Instead of the usual approach of inviting customers to the head office, Antalis rented an entire train and drove it to seven central stations in Switzerland, inviting customers to visit the train in the central station of their city.

To generate optimal marketing value, the train was completely wrapped by our Avery Graphics™ Applicator Network, using 1.25 km of Avery® MPI 3001 Gloss White. The film was printed, laminated with Avery® DOL 3100 Matt and applicated. The project took three days, including both evening and night shifts and involved between 11 and 13 applicators.

The project was a huge success, thanks to the high-quality specifications of both products. The use of a film that offers application flexibility and easy removability in combination with a laminate that’s ideal for short term applications, made it possible for the team to finish this project within the given deadline.