Antalis McNaughton makes movable publicity possible

Antalis Media

Antalis McNaughton is exclusively launching a printable static cling film that can be quickly and repeatedly applied to the majority of surfaces such as stone, plastic, metal, fabric, ceramics, flooring, glass and even wood.

Stafix, which is manufactured in Finland, is ideal for applications such as point of purchase advertising, street marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, magazine inserts, promotional posters, window displays, and interior design and temporary labels.

The Stafix film has all the advantages and handling properties of paper, but with the characteristics of a double sided sticker but without the glue and, because a static charge is permanently embedded in the film, it can be repeatedly repositioned and leaves no residue or damage to surfaces. The film will remain attached for 3–6 months due to its static charge, and may remain attached for even longer if not overly repositioned.

Antalis McNaughton Sign and Display market manager Chris Green says: “Stafix is a 100% recyclable polypropylene high-tech printing material for versatile advertising solutions that can be printed to the same quality standards as paper, and is completely adhesive-free. You can write and wipe on it with whiteboard markers or permanently with a ball point pen. It is probably the most innovative product since the invention of the Post-it note and opens the door to a world of creative and imaginative promotional design and print opportunities.” 

When the Santander Group, the fourth largest bank in the world, wanted to announce its arrival in Finland and the opening of its headquarters in downtown Helsinki, the bank chose to work with the advertising agency ADDlife to reach consumers both directly and personally out on the streets of the city. In addition to an extensive outdoor promotional poster campaign, ADDlife utilised Stafix stickers for Santander's street marketing. The stickers were placed in public places in the city centre of Helsinki and encouraged people to take the sticker home with them so they would remember to visit Santander's website and take part in an online competition.

Stafix is already generating a lot of interest from the retail sector who are constantly looking for innovative, eye catching products that will enhance their brands and help them to meet their environmental and corporate responsibility commitments.

“Our principal aim is to provide printers in the sign and display sector with the broadest range of high quality products that will differentiate their business offering and provide long lasting added value to their customers,” concludes Mr. Green. “We believe that an innovative product such as Stafix clearly demonstrates that Antalis McNaughton can deliver a whole lot more than just paper.”

Stafix is stocked in both white and clear and is available for both offset printing and flatbed UV-Inkjet. HP Indigo grades are available by request.

An introduction to Stafix YouTube video is can be viewed here: