Antalis UK helps MTA Digital showcase new capabilities with Curious and Popset collections

Antalis Mta Lfr

Antalis UK has drawn on its extensive knowledge within the digital sector to provide advice and support on digital materials for London based printer, MTA Digital.

Pushing the boundaries of digital print is something that London based MTA Digital is passionate about – with 30 years’ experience in the pre-press industry and a significant investment in HP technology, MTA Digital was keen to promote the possibilities available in digital print.

In order to promote its new HP Indigo 5500 7 colour press with white ink technology, MTA Digital took the decision to produce a taster insert in Creative Review magazine, which it then followed up with a ‘Limited Edition’ swatch.

MTA Digital required advice on which substrates would provide the best contrast to the white ink, and turned to Jim Whittington, Digital Business Partner at Antalis for advice.

They decided to print 13,000 copies of the insert, which was produced on Popset Cosmo Pink – providing a stand out colour which worked well for the trade press and gave a great contrast for the white ink technologies. The material was certified to run on the digital press and was also available in SRA3+. Following the interested generated from the teaser campaign, 2,000 swatches were produced on a variety of materials including Curious Translucent, Indifilm, Keaykolour, Curious Metallic and Popset all produced on the HP Indigo 5500.

Commenting on the success of the campaign, Aaron Carpenter, Head of New Business Development at MTA Digital says, “The response to the campaign has far exceeded our expectations and is one of our most successful campaigns to date. The design audience we were aiming at appreciated seeing the print process on the substrate and the flexibility to use an even greater range of substrates in their future print related projects. Working with Antalis on this project helped to communicate this easily.”

Jim Whittington at Antalis adds, “There is an ever evolving range of substrates available to the digital market. It was a tremendous opportunity to push the boundaries with some of our more creative materials.”