Arlon DPF 8000 vinyl used to create a 'dramatic and deceptive' effect

Arlon 8000 Yellotools After

Arlon DPF 8000 Engineering Grade vinyl has been used to create a dramatic and deceptive effect at Windeck, Germany-based Yellotools, a European manufacturer of sign shop and wrap tools.

The material was chosen to create a striking image on the side of one of Yellotools buildings. The graphic, approximately 50ft. wide by 35ft. high, depicting a derelict workshop, was applied to a blank concrete wall.

A satin white high-tensile polyvinyl chloride film with an extra strong permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive, DPF 8000 offers an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor graphics on ‘hard-to-stick’ and low energy surfaces. It conforms well to flat and slightly contoured surfaces on substrates such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polyurethane. It can be applied in cold temperature environments and comes with an outdoor durability of up to seven years. DPF 8000 is also designed to meet the marking requirements and specifications of the transportation, vending and automotive industries

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[Pictures show wall after Arlon DPF 800 vinyl was applied (above) and beforehand (below)]

Arlon 8000 Yellotools Before