Avery Dennison announces new products and enhancements to Polymeric Calendered films

Avery Mpi Polymerics Bin

Avery Dennison has responded to the dynamic market in applications for durable, medium-life self-adhesive graphics with enhancements to its inkjet-printable polymeric calendered vinyl ranges, Avery MPI 2000 and Avery MPI 2800.   New products for popular applications have been introduced, and the printed durability of both ranges is now warranted for significantly longer when the films are protected with its partner Avery DOL's overlaminates.

Newly added to the Avery MPI 2000 series range is a product specially formulated for apolar, low-surface-energy substrates like HDPE:  Avery MPI 2600 AP.   Its combination of a flexible, conformable face film and a high-tack specialty adhesive makes it an appropriate choice for application to many of today’s plastic substrates; it is available with Avery Easy Apply and Avery Easy Apply RS (repositionable/slideable) features for speedy, accurate, bubble-free application.

Avery MPI 2800 series films now feature two new economical solutions for shorter-life applications, Avery MPI 2802 permanent and 2803 removable, both of which feature a grey adhesive primer coat for added opacity – making them suitable for application over pre-decorated surfaces.

Frank Marquart, product manager, cast and polymeric films for Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Solutions, comments, "I believe that, as far as durability is concerned, we have created a match made in heaven, partnering our Avery MPI ranges with their special Avery DOL overlaminates.   Our best-in-class Avery MPI 2000 series films are now covered under our Avery ICS warranty scheme for an outstanding four-year printed life, meeting the highest market requirements for medium-life applications on flat and lightly-curved surfaces – including car, van and truck side panels.   Our shorter-life, cost-efficient Avery MPI 2800 series films now enjoy two-year printed warranty cover, making them a perfect choice for two-year-life outdoor and indoor campaign advertising."

He continues, "In today’s graphics market, we are seeing our inkjet-printable polymeric calendered vinyls taking an ever-larger share of the business, because of their versatility, durability, and cost/performance ratio.   They are suitable for an increasingly-broad range of applications – and, in this year of the European football cup competition,   we are actively promoting them on our website, with rewards for all who participate in a simple knowledge test."

Full details of Avery MPI polymeric calendered vinyls - and of the special football-related promotion - are available via the Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Solutions website.  For more information, please visit www.europe.averygraphics.com