Drytac Interlam Pro laminates designated UV print compatible


Interlam Pro, Drytac’s premier line of pressure sensitive laminating films, has been designated compatible for direct application to UV printed output. These films are excellent multi-purpose overlaminates that have a pressure sensitive aqueous acrylic adhesive and UV stabilisers to prevent discolouration and degradation of both the film and adhesive.

Interlam Pro overlaminates are available in several finishes, including 3 mil Glossy, Lustre and Matte as well as 4 mil sand-textured Emerytex. Each offers optimum clarity and shields against UV light exposure, increasing indoor and outdoor graphic durability.

Drytac Product Manager Nate Goodman states, “While UV printing has its advantages, prints still need to have the ‘wow’ factor. This can be achieved by adding a high quality laminate. Drytac’s Interlam Pro laminates, in particular, enhance the colours of an image and provide superior protection for greater longevity.”

The Interlam Pro line can be used for a variety of applications, including high-volume photographic prints, architectural renderings, aisle danglers, event signage, and POP and promotional displays. Floor graphic applications in high traffic areas are also possible thanks to the scuff-resistant finish of Interlam Pro Emerytex.

For more information on Interlam Pro laminates, visit http://www.drytac.com/laminating-films/pressure-sensitive-laminating-films/interlam-pro.html