Drytac revises packaging and reduces damage claims by more than 60%

Drytac Box

In an effort to improve product transport and quality for its international customer base, Drytac has rolled out new thicker and larger shipping boxes.  The new box design - complete with a new slogan “Experts in Finishing Solutions” - is being produced in multiple languages reflecting Drytac’s large international customer base.

The new box has been redesigned for improved strength and easy to read product labels.  Recycled plastic inserts replace the prior inserts for stability and end-of-roll damage control.

“There is no point in producing a first class UK product only to have it damaged in transport”, says Sales Drytac Europe Director Steve Broad. “The box is the first thing customers experience and nothing is more frustrating then having to file damage claims and wait for replacement product.” The new Drytac box design was rolled out 3 months ago and has reduced damage claims by over 60%.