Dufaylite creates Ultra Board offices

Dufaylite Ashley Moscrop

Dufaylite has partnered with Leeds-based Duke Studios to create ten unique studio offices using its revolutionary Ultra Board - a substrate that is 100% sustainable and recyclable.

Duke Studios is an office space that is breathing life back into an iconic derelict building in the centre of Leeds. This ambitious regeneration project covers 7000sq ft. and is currently being transformed into an open plan, design-led haven for creative collaboration.

On the project, Laura Wellington, co-founder of Duke Studios comments, “Duke Studios is a multi-disciplinary office space with creativity at its heart, so it’s massively important to have a space that inspires, encourages and supports the companies within it. Ultra Board was the perfect material to use in the scheme, as our studio spaces needed to be flexible, interesting and sustainable to accommodate growth and encourage businesses to thrive in the environment.”

Tony Moscrop, Dufaylite's Chief Executive, adds, "Although Ultra Board has traditionally been used in point of sale and signage, it is now being utilised by designers in creative applications. These studio offices are a new and completely innovative way to showcase our product, highlight Ultra Board’s flexibility and versatility.  The Duke Studios space is a fantastic opportunity to showcase Ultra Board, so we were delighted to design and build these unique studio offices. These creative workspaces are perfect for Duke Studios’ future residents and offer plenty of scope to expand as the businesses grow.”

Dufaylite Group is the sole UK manufacturer of recycled paper honeycomb – a 100% recyclable, robust and versatile core material that has become an innovation in the signage industry and is used in many industrial applications. Major suppliers to the retail and manufacturing industries, Dufaylite now exports to Europe, Australia and the US.

For more information, please visit www.dufaylite.com

[photo shows Ashley Moscrop trying out the Duke Studios office space]