Epson announces DS Transfer Multipurpose Paper

Epson DS Transfer paper LFR

Epson has announced its new DS Transfer Multipurpose Paper, a 'great value' dye sublimation transfer paper 'that's perfect' for low-to-medium producers of rigid materials.  Applying decorative inks to aluminium photographic plates, iPhone cases, ceramic tiles, mugs, and wood has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Versatile and easy to use, DS Transfer Multipurpose Paper is available in long rolls and is designed specifically for decorative ink transfer to hard substrates, however, it's versatile, also working with polyester-based textiles.

A medium weight paper at 105gsm, the easy to handle DS Transfer Multipurpose Paper avoids ripples during ink transfer, always remaining stable, while it’s special breathable design allows the ink vapour to disperse during the sublimation process.

It helps users achieve consistently sharp results with a wide colour gamut, including photographic quality output, while the DS Transfer Multipurpose Paper's high ink transfer rate means less wastage.

DS Transfer Multipurpose Paper is available now, priced from €50.20 (ex-VAT).

Key features:
•    105gsm paper
•    Wide colour gamut
•    Quick-drying
•    Breathable design
•    Compatible with Epson UltraChrome DS inks
•    Designed to achieve the best results with Epson SC-F6000, Epson SC-F7000 and Epson SC-F7100 digital dye sublimation printers
•    Compatible with third-party RIP systems