21 Feb 2024

Eventureworks hit the right note with Soyang Europe backdrop

Backdrop printed on Vista Display ST-117 from Soyang Europe will feature in concerts by Scottish band Skerryvore at locations across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Falkirk-based print service provider Eventureworks recently used Vista Display ST-117 polyester warp-knitted fabric from Soyang Europe to create a striking printed backdrop for Scottish transitional rock band Skerryvore.

Eventureworks specialises in printed outdoor event supplies such as flags and banners, as well as promotional merchandise including T-shirts and hoodies, while another area of the business, aptly named The Cycle Jersey, produces specialist cycling clothing.

The company’s expertise in the events sector has seen it build a strong rapport with Skerryvore and one of the band’s founding members, Martin Gillespie, printing a range of materials and backdrops for the group over the years.

Last month Skerryvore once again approached Eventureworks to produce a backdrop for its current ‘Together Again’ tour, which sees the band play a whole host of venues right across the UK, as well as locations in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA.

This packed schedule meant Eventureworks’ remit was to create a backdrop that would not only create a strong impact for the band, but also offer high levels of durability for transport to different venues across the globe.

For these reasons, Eventureworks opted for Soyang Vista Display ST-117, a 100% polyester warp-knitted display-type fabric that is certified fire retardant and features engineered crease recovery, guaranteeing the backdrop will look the part each time it is used.

“Soyang Vista Display ST-117 was the perfect solution for us on this job,” Eventureworks director Brian Gibb said. “We had to ensure the backdrop created a strong impact for the band’s identity and that this would be relayed to the audience.


 soyang skerryvore 2


“The core benefit of working with Soyang Vista Display ST-117 is that stage lights do not cause any glare on the fabric, making it ideal for use before, during and after the band’s performance. In addition, it is certified as being fire retardant which is obviously very important.”

The flexibility of Soyang Vista Display ST-117 means that it can be printed using UV, latex, screen print and dye sublimation technology. For this backdrop project, Eventureworks used its Roland Texart XT 640 dye-sublimation printer using Nazdar inks.

In summary, Brian Gibb confirms: “The printed graphics look really good!”

For more information about Soyang Vista Display ST-117, please click here.