Free 'colour change' vehicle wrap swatch now available from All Print Supplies

Aps Swatch

All Print Supplies (APS) has announced an updated version of its Colour Change vinyl swatch which includes over 170 different polymeric and cast colour change films from major manufacturers such as MACtac and KPMF.

The free swatch includes a range of some of the most popular products on the market including  KPMF K70000 opaque gloss, metallic and glitter cast vinyls,  MACtac TF700 Sublime opaque gloss and matt polymeric vinyls with micro bubble-free adhesive, MACtac TF iridescent, textured, brushed and carbon fibre vinyls and supreme wrap opaque 80μ dual layer cast vinyls with ‘Easy-To-Apply’ adhesive.

Kevin Wallace, managing director of Slough-based APS, comments, “All the films in our new swatch have been specifically developed for full and partial vehicle wraps.  This market has grown substantially over the last five years as businesses recognise the cost savings and flexibility a vehicle wrap can offer over a traditional professional paint job. Typically, these films will last for over five years, change and improve the appearance of the vehicle, protect the bodywork from stone chips and can be easily removed prior to resale.”

To encourage wider format printers and sign makers to extend their services and grow revenue streams, APS is also offering to organise training courses to help those who are considering venturing into this lucrative and rapidly expanding sector.

Kevin Wallace adds, “The vehicle wrapping sector has seen huge growth over the past few years and there are some exciting new substrates available on the market.  It’s an area of the printing industry that has, I believe, a very positive future and I would encourage those looking for new and profitable services to add to their portfolio to seriously investigate the opportunities in this sector.”

Each of the vinyls contained in the swatch is available under APS’s “Buy the metre” programme, where there is no minimum order, allowing customers to buy only what they need.

For more information and to request a free swatch, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.