21 Feb 2024

Freyja Art meets Guandong’s Mr Magnus: printing becomes art

Painter Freyja Art meets Guandong’s Mr Magnus: printing becomes art.

Printing becomes art thanks to the exceptional performance guaranteed by Nano-Tack and Dotty Satin, the plastic films with nano-suction cups in Guandong’s Mr Magnus range.

These special adhesive films made with nanotechnology, among the best sellers developed by the Specialties Specialist, were chosen by the Czech painter Zuzana Mesárošová, aka Freyja Art, to create an exclusive line of window films inspired by the work Forest Angel.

The artist wanted not only to create simple adhesives which reproduced his painting, but also to obtain unique applications that could create a play of light in the display spaces. This request was turned into reality by the Czech printer Amos Typo in collaboration with Igepa Group, Guandong's premium dealer in the European market, who immediately identified Nano-Tack and Dotty Satin films as the ideal solution. "I was impressed by the wide range of application possibilities offered by Guandong’s new Mr. Magnus product line from the moment it was launched," says Miroslav Hejl from Amos Typo.

After some preliminary tests carried out at the MoonGrailShop, a small local artisan company that used Mr Magnus to produce window films with Celtic decorative motifs, Amos Typo immediately proposed the Nano-Tack and Dotty Satin films to Freyja Art, who was impressed by the quality of the wow-effect prints. "The unique translucency and ultra-glossy transparent finish of Guandong's media supports proved ideal for reproducing her paintings in this new and unprecedented format", concludes Miroslav.

The result is unique applications which create a play of art and light. "We have always experimented with new applications, providing our media supports to architects, designers and creative people", comments Daniele Faoro, Chief sales & marketing advisor from Guandong. "The window films made for Freyja Art by Amos Typo demonstrate how our solutions can also be used for artistic techniques, further enhancing their characteristics in order to produce innovative products".

The Mr Magnus line of media supports was created by adapting Guandong's extensive experience in the development and marketing of innovative plastic materials for printing to the world of plastic films. The range includes special plastic films for digital, dry toner and offset technologies, ranging from A4 to B1 (70x100 cm) formats up to customised sizes. In addition to the Nano-Tack and Dotty Satin solutions with micro-suction cups chosen by Freyja Art, the Mr Magnus family also includes magnetic ferrite films, which can be backlit, glue-free repositionable films made with Scarico d’Aria (an air-release technology), right up to adhesive fabric and full-PET solutions.