24 Sep 2021

Guandong presents Naomi

Guandong materials were chosen to decorate the coveted red carpet of the latest edition of the Sanremo Festival, where music stars paraded on carpet floor by Guandong.

Quality and sustainability: these are the key points of the highly innovative solutions that Guandong, recognized by the European market as a 'Specialities' Specialist', will be presenting on the occasion of its reconfirmed participation in Fespa.

"The European stage par excellence which for years we have chosen as a privileged springboard for all the novelties developed by our ever active R&D department", comments Daniele Faoro - CEO of Guandong. Many are the absolute novelties that the company is preparing to announce in Madrid, thanks to the coverage that Guandong media support is recording at international events, where the WOW effect has been quite notable, together with the excellent performance and eco-sustainability guaranteed by the Greenlife seal.

Most recently, Guandong materials were chosen to decorate the coveted red carpet of the latest edition of the Sanremo Festival, where music stars paraded on carpet floor by Guandong. From the Ligurian sea to the Mont Blanc where, on the occasion of the Courmayeur Design Weekend, Guandong supports were used to decorate the exhibit cases containing the most iconic world design products. A test passed at low temperatures but also at high speed, on the occasion of the Franciacorta Rally, where the GMA Racing team car and driver suits were customised with self-gripping Wally produced by Guandong. These are just some of the spectacular events, together with numerous other initiatives at a European level, supported by Guandong, organized at various locations within the Fashion Design Network created by the company, including a select circuit of experience centres such as DecorLab, in the heart of Milan. Here exhibit cases, doors and display surfaces have already been festively customised with Guandong self-gripping and magnetic products, ready to welcome the next edition of the Salone del Mobile (Furniture Salon).

Many are the novelties that Guandong will present at Fespa Madrid, starting with the official launch of the Magnus Line with its range of screen printing and laser offset sheets, resistant to extremely high temperatures and printable with all types of technology, including the latest digital offset. The world preview presentation of the Naomi Line also represents a new entry in the field of textile printing: a new ideal fabric for sublimation and latex and UV printing. Naomi fabrics are characterized by superior thermal resistance (+ 15° C), greater productivity, dimensional stability and increased mechanical resistance (+ 20%) as compared to traditional fabrics. Alongside these innovations, we also have the re-edition of Magnetici & Ferro products, a true "evergreen" with constantly evolving application solutions for interior and wall decoration. All accompanied by the new Tools & Tape line, a treasure chest of curiosities, featuring a range of essential accessories designed to facilitate daily operations related to support processing and installation.

This abundance of innovative materials is all covered by the Greenlife guarantee seal. "We registered this brand several years ago, when eco-sustainability was a creed and not a fashion", says Faoro. “As a 'Specialities' Specialist', we feel it is our moral duty to make products which include all the technical and technological characteristics required for eco-sustainable applications. This is why we use the highest possible percentage of recycled line products, and our products are manufactured using selected resins so that, during the disposal phase, waste is totally recyclable and/or similar to Urban Solid Waste (MSW)".