Hexacomb introduces improved version of Falconboard Build display media

Hexacomb Falconboard1

Hexacomb is introducing a new superior performing version of its Falconboard™ Build paper-based graphic display board to the European market place. The product, which has been structurally engineered for demanding three-dimensional point-of-purchase (POP) applications, now features improved performance via whiter and easier-to-print board facings.

“We listened to our customers’ needs and made changes to the Build product. We incorporated a whiter substrate with a smoother printing surface while still maintaining Falconboard’s flatter, preferred ‘green’ position,” said Jeff Kellar, president, Hexacomb.

The whiter liner offers better colour contrast and improved ink adhesion which provides the ideal surface for eye-popping graphics. The new facings also make the board easier to fabricate into the desired shapes, while still maintaining its structural rigidity. (Falconboard Build standard dimensions are 1220 x 2440 mm and 1400 x 3050 mm, both 16 mm thick.) 

“We are continuously evaluating our products to make sure we are delivering optimum performance while minimising environmental profile.  We believe that our new Falconboard Build structure meets both of those objectives,” said Kellar. “Further, our ability to manage the production process and drive out cost, also makes this an affordable product.”

To help users create Falconboard Build structures that meet their point-of-sale requirements, Hexacomb distributors will be offering accessories such as edge tape, screws, hangers, etc. Hexacomb also provides technical support for questions related to Falconboard Build fabrication and printing issues.

Falconboard Build is produced via a Forest Stewardship Council-certified manufacturing process at its Ermelo, Netherlands facility. The proprietary structure features an engineered paper core laminated with water-based adhesives to a bright white liner for superior printing. (The liner has been certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.) 

Produced chlorofluorocarbon-free, Falconboard Build emits zero volatile organic compounds during manufacturing. The 100% paper-based product is made from renewable resources (53% recycled fibre content) and is recyclable to provide the perfect blend of structural performance and environmental stewardship. 

Falconboard Build offers superior print capability for digital applications in a variety of wide formats.  Screen printing also is possible either directly onto the surface or via lamination depending on printer capability.

Its structural characteristics (strong, flat and rigid), enable improved performance and give designers more creative options compared to foam board, wood and corrugated. Falconboard Build’s weight-bearing attributes are ideal for “spectaculars”—large format point-of-sale displays that typically span several meters—and semi-permanent structures traditionally made from wood and metal.   

Falconboard Build has been designed to offer brand owners a strong, non-petroleum-based option to market heavier/bulkier products at point-of-purchase. These include a variety of food and beverage products (such as liquor or soft-drink bottles, heavier food packages); lawn and garden items; consumer electronics; toys; books, etc.

At the end of its lifecycle, POP displays made from Falconboard Build can simply be included in the retail facilities’ paper waste stream.  Most have compactors on site which bale paper-based products for sale to a recycler. 

Additionally, Falconboard™ resists bending or warping, is heat-resistant to 80 degrees Celsius and is lightweight. The display board accommodates most inks and adhesives, as well as commercial connective systems such as edge tape and plastic or metal edging/channels.  Printing capabilities include a variety of wide formats and digital processes.