InteliCoat celebrates three year anniversary of Museo with new brand image


InteliCoat Technologies has unveiled a new look for the branding of its Museo product line, including the launch of a redesigned website at  As InteliCoat approaches its third anniversary with Museo Fine Art, the company has revamped both the Museo website and packaging in a show of its ongoing commitment to the continued success and expansion of the preeminent brand of digital fine art media.

Created with the goal of increased ease-of-use, the new Museo website is a fast and efficient tool with which customers, partners and potential consumers can gather information and collect resources about the Museo product line. In addition to allowing users to easily access information about Museo Fine Art's ongoing initiatives and product advancements, the redesigned website features a plethora of resources for Museo users, including an extensive library of ICC profiles, printing templates and advice.

"Over the past three years InteliCoat has completed a number of initiatives that have greatly strengthened the Museo line in both performance and quality. We wanted to give the Museo product line a new and improved look by making over the website, packaging and collateral materials in a show of our long-term commitment to the brand," said Joseph Lupone, President and CEO of InteliCoat Technologies. "In particular, the redesigned Museo website reflects InteliCoat's desire to meet the needs of the digital fine art and photo community by providing easily accessible information about Museo Fine Art. We look forward to future growth and innovations for the Museo line in 2011."