05 Dec 2021

InteliCoat Introduces New Eco-Friendly Packaging

Intelicoat logo

InteliCoat Technologies has announced that it will be transitioning from its current white box packaging to an eco-friendly brown box alternative as part of the company's ongoing initiative to reduce its impact on the environment. The new packaging will be employed across all InteliCoat brands, including the Magic, Magiclée, Museo, and JetSet lines of digital imaging media.

Composed of up to 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials, the new boxes are constructed with 30 percent less material than current packaging with equal structural strength, do not require the use of harmful bleaches or other whitening chemicals during the manufacturing process, and are 100 percent recyclable. In addition to the new boxes, InteliCoat will be changing its core plugs to offer better support at the box ends to prevent damage.

"We are continually working to improve InteliCoat's environmental performance, and are proud that our environmental procedures, processes and planning activities have produced measurable results, including reduced waste generation, increased recycling of solid waste and raised consumer awareness," said Ed McCarron, director of marketing at InteliCoat Technologies. "This change in packaging is just one more step on our environmental journey. Beyond dramatically improving our environmental impact, the new packaging ensures that customers can continue to source digital imaging media and packaging that has been made responsibly."